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*Vilu POV*

me:that...........was- i didn't finish because i got cut of by leon crashing his lips onto mine again ant there was the spark again but the kiss seemed really short cause he already pulled away.

Leon: Amazing, Violetta i'm really sorry for what happened this morning and i mean it. Follow me ill show you where your sleeping- while he was saying this his smile didn't come of his face right now i'm following him into a room upsatirs, when we walk in i notice it was his room is he seriosm I'm meant to sleep in his room.

me: Leon you were ment to show me where i sleep not you.

Leon: oh yeah that is where your gonna sleep.

me: what about you then where are you gonna be?

Leon: ill sleep on the sofa down stairs - he got some blankets and went to his closet, and frew a shirt at me.- here were this for bed

me: thanks leon i realyy mean it - Leon was about to leave the room as i grabbed his hand and he turned to face me straight away.

leon: whats up vilu is there something wrong?- he asked with a worried face i gess he actually does care aboit me.

me:vilu?- i asked because no one has ever called me that.

Leon: well cause no one calls you that I fort I will, but anyway what's up- he asked me being really serious

Me: you don't have to sleep down stairs plus if you will you ba- he cut me of I hate it when he does that

Leon:So you want me to sleep here in disame room as you- he asked with a surprised face and that cute smile.

Me:only if you promise me that you won't plan any funny business.- i said in even more serious voice than him.

Leon: ok i promoice

I Got into bed and patted the part next to me in sign for him to get in. So he got into bed and there was silence but it wasnt awkward at all it was nice and peaceful until.

Leon: well night princesses- and with that he turned the light of. I have to admit I kind of like it when he calls me that.

Me: night leon - and I fell asleep.

*Leon Pov*
I heard someone scream so I woke up and found violetta crying. I wonder what happened did someone break into the house without me noticing

Me:vilu what's up. Did someone hurt you.

*vilu pov*

Oh sut I woke leon up what should I tell him now. I don't really want to talk to him after my night mare.

Guys do you want to know what was her night mare. XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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