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*Vilu pov*
He wanted to know who it was but I just couldn't tell him. And if I did he would try to do something to that person. I cant tell him just yet it hurts to much. I cant stand it the thing that he did is unforgivable.

Me: Never mind, just don't worry about it. Can we go home, i'm not in the mood for a party anymore.- By the expression Leon had I could tell he's not going to argue with me when it comes to this just not about this, he knows that i'll tell him when I'm ready to.

L: Yeah we could go your and watch something and cuddle or go to sleep and cuddle unless you don't want to cuddle I could always just go home. I dont mind as long as your happy.- Omg did i ever tell you guys that he's just brimming cute. He actually said that we could cuddle, ow my Boo Bear wants to cuddle I never fort that i'll hear him say that.

Me: you do realise that if you come into my house you'll have to meet my perants and stuff.- by his expression I could tell he went a bit sad he's probably thinking stuff like "she doesn't want me to meet the perants cause she thinks I'm going to act rude" and other stuff but it's really not that I would love him to meet my perants but I just don't want him to get pressured.

What do you guys think!?
How could I improve it?
Should we have a big misunderstanding? Or should vilu perants not like leon cause of his tattoos?

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