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*Leon POV*

I didn't know what she meant by saying 'You'll have to meet my perants and suff'. Maybe she didn't  want her perant to know that she's got a Boyfreind, or what her Boyfreind looks like........Maybe she didn't like my lip pearcing or my tattoos.........Or maybe she just doesn't like me and thinks it would be funny to actually play with my feeling, cause of what i did to her...................No my Vilu my angel is not like that. She can't be she loves me and i love her nothing can change that........At least thats what i think.

me: I mean if you don't want them to me cause you dont want them to know you have a boyfreind with tattoos or with pearcings, it's ok i'm not going to blame you for it. But if it's just that your worried about putting me under pressure you have to know that i'm ready to meet them, and even if i have to fight for you becaus ethey don't like me or prove something to them i will. I will cause i love you vilu, and unless you tell me to leave you i never will. I love you Violetta Kinga Castillo and i will never stop loving you.- As i said that she started to get tears in her eyes and i was getting really worried about it, did i say anything wrong or something. 

v: Leon it's not that i'm scarec what my perants think about your tattos or pearcings cause i love you with my whole heart, and i would never leave you either. It was what you said before i just didn't want to put you under the pressure or anything. I never waht you change cause your perfect just they way you are and you always will be. I love you to Leon Leighton Vergas.- After she said that she pulled me in one of her really tight hugs but i didn't care cause i love her and i would even die for her. She's just perfect...... I know i started being really cheezy lightly but who wouldn't with such a good girlfreind, I don't know how anyone could ever hurt her she's just amazing.

We started to pull away but then we stopped and just  stared into each others eyes. She had that twinkle in her eye that she always does when i stear at her. But then she started to lean in wich was something new, but then so did i and thats when our lips touched. I got that tingle again when ever she touches me i always get it, it's just amazing what this woman can do to me. She was kissing me quite rough but still passionetly, we started to lean down on the bed again. Then i asked her for entrance by licking her lower lip, but she didn't open her mouth she was teasing me.

me: Theres this way and the hard way.- We both smirked and then i kissed her again.

After i kissed he again i bit on her lower lip wich made her moan instantly, she knew i was going to do it that way. we carried on this was for about another 10 minutes but after these amazing minutes she let go of my neck but carried on kissing me. The next thing i noticed was that she was unduing my blouse................OMG i fort she  didn't want to so ................After she undid it totally she started touching my sixpack

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