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Leon pov

I just woke up I look at the time and see it was 7:00 we've got ages cause school starts at 09:00 today so I get out of bed with out waking vilu up se looks so peaceful and cute when she sleeps. I go and take a worn shower like a boiling one and then after that I do my normal routine nearly I forgot to take my clothes with me so I leave the toilet with a towel on my weighst and go into my room. I notice that there no one in bed so I kind of panic what if someone kidnapped violetta. All of the sudden someone throws a top at me I turn around and notice violetta stud infront of my closet with my black top on wich is surprising. I was just stearing at her and she was stearing at me.

V: What i had wear something- she says that like a little child moaning that he got the wrong game for Christmas.

Me: did i say anything?

V: No but you were stearing st me wich is a but awkward- she was looking down I thinkbshe was blushing that's why.

Me: you look cute in my shirt princess but comone we have to get ready for school and get you some clothes.

V: why can't just stay in your shirt?- she moaned like a 5 year old child.

Me: unless you want to go to school in my black shirt we have to go downstaris eat breakfast and get to yours to get you some clean clothes.

V: ok but haven't you forgotten something- she comes close thus thine she's the one smirking.

Me: nope - I started teasing and I could tell she didn't really like what I did.

V: Your 100% about that - I nod and she looks down and walks out the room.

After violetta walked out the room at leased tried to walk out. I grabbed hold of the wrist wich made her turn around and face me. After that I pulled her really close to me so that there was no space between our bodies and our faces were just one or two inched apart.

Vilu pov

After leon shaked his head I decided to leave the room but he grabbed my wrist. Then he pulled me really close to him our faces inches apart I could feel his hot air on my face wich felt amazing. Out bodies were so close that I don't think there was a gap in between them.

L: Did you really think I would let you go without your morning kiss. Unbelievable vilu i will never forgive you that you fort that.- he said with a sassy voice

Me: you say never forgive my - he shakes his head- but what about if I do this- I peaked his lips really quick to tease him.

L: oh comeon vilu I know you can do that better.- he then pulled me into a long and passionate kiss.

After that me and leon went to my house I told my mum that I got a lift from my freinds house and that it was bet bro that gave me the lift.
I got changed ( things In media).
I got back into leons care but I'm not sure what to do.

Me: Leon are you sure you want me to come to school with you. Aren't you worried about what people will say when they see use. I just don't want you to loose everything.- i said That and leons facial expressions changed to ' how could you just say that'

L: vilu i love you and I dont care if anyone else sees it. If they see that Im madly on love with you. I Want the whole world to know and I don't give a dame if they like it or not your mine forever together. I would give everything up for you violetta so next time don't worry because remember that I love you and I will always love you and nothing can stand in between use ok.- as he finished his spache I just nod and snuggle up in his chest for a sec and he started driving the car with me on his lap playing with his curles

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