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*Vilu pov*
He turned around and smirked at me but this was an evil smirk, not like I care cause I'm not scared of him. He walks over to me and leans over me and then kisses me harshly, but it was still a passionate kiss. I love this jerk face. He got in the position we were in before and I started playing with his curles. But then I stoped and pulled away when he started to unzip my dress.

L: whats up Angel. Did I do something wrong again. I'm sorry I fort that's what he wanted.- he said worried how did I manage this only in two days, to change him from a mean jerk into a really sweet jerk boyfriend.

Me:Well you didn't do anything wrong it's just that I should tell you something.- he got even more worried.- i sopose It's actually not that bad but imbaricing cause I'm probably the only one in our year.

L: Angel what's up I getting really worried about you.

Me: Well but promise you won't laugh- he noded- well I haven't done i- he signed i realife.

L: Omg dont worry about that if you don't want to we don't have to. I fort it was something worse but it's fine. I would never laugh at no matter what it would be and- I cut him of cause he didn't let me finish.

Me: Leon i didn't mean that in still a virgin it's just that last time I didn't do it cause I wanted.- he looked shocked.

L: What do you mean Angel?

Me: Basically what I'm saying is that I got raped last year.- he was shocked angry and worried and he had load of other expression on hos face but it was just sad.

L: Omg vilu who would do that to you. I cant belive it how could anyone hurt someone like you. I would never do it, what was his name?- I don't know if I should tell him what if he tries looking for him. What if he gets mad at me. No why would he get made at you you've done nothing wrong

Me: it was.......

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