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*Leon pov*
After the kiss we gazed into each others eyes. Violetta is just so beautifully I can't describe it I want to ask her something but I don't know should I or shouldn't? Violetta put her head on my chest wich felt really good to have her like that and I decided to play with her perfect curls for a bit and I get the courage to ask her.
Me: Violetta I've got something really important to ask you will you be my girlfriend?- was she asleep or was she just in shock?

*vilu pov*
Did leon just really ask me if I want to be with him. OMG!!!!OMG!!! what should I say, should I say yes or should I say no? What if he breaks my heart? What if he hurts me even though he won't meant it because he will go over the top again.

What do you guys think violetta should say. Do you like it. XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxJORTINIFOREVER

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