Marido de Aluguel(Ruggarol) adaptação by Juliaruggarol43
Marido de Aluguel(Ruggarol) Pasquarelli Sevilla
Karol Sevilla é uma fotógrafa que odeia horários e regras. Filha de um rico empresário, ela nunca se interessou pelos negócios da família até que seu pai, Reinaldo Sevil...
  • carolinakopelioff
  • jortini
  • caro
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darkest days | jorge + martina by exclusivetini
darkest days | jorge + martinaby exclusivetini
the two hate each other. jorge and martina I'm talking about. if they could, they would kill each other, no kidding. they're in the same class but both always hating on...
  • tini
  • violetta
  • jorge
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L'espoir de l'amour by Kailyruiz28
L'espoir de l'amourby kaily
Violetta vient de déménagée dans une nouvelle ville, avec son frère Marco et leur parents German et Angie. Ils vont leur entré dans un nouveau lycée Sherwood school; là...
  • jortini
  • leonetta
  • violetta
Royal Love - Una favola reale ( Jortini  ) by BlueMooon25
Royal Love - Una favola reale ( BlueMoon
Cosa accade quando una ragazza normale incontra il principe d'Inghilterra?
  • martinastoessel
  • amicizia
  • royal
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Crushed || HEAVY EDITING by Violetta_Vargas
Crushed || HEAVY EDITINGby ಎಲ್ಲ💛
❝baby don't cry when I'm gone when you were the reason I left in the first place❞ | award top #2 best jortini book 2016 | | award : winner of the best jortini fanfictio...
  • jorgeblanco
  • brokenhearts
  • teenfiction
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The Queen Bully (Jortini FanFiction) by Simplytini
The Queen Bully (Jortini -A❤
"Thats right, you heard me!" Im the Queen of Bullies... AKA Martina the Leader of Bullies. I wear makeup to cover my past, my problems and my feelings. You don...
  • jorgeblanco
  • bully
  • school
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Is This Possible? by xnowshix
Is This Possible?by xnowshix
Started with a bully and a victim.. continues like crushes.. and ends like.. lovers or haters? Martina is a normal teenage girl who lives in a normal house with normal p...
  • love
  • jortini
  • tinistoessel
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PROJEKT BLANCO by Jorgi_Verdas
Martina marzy o studiach dziennikarskich. Jenak by się na nie dostać musi przeprowadzić wywiad z kimś znanym. Czy młoda kobieta podoła wyzwaniu?
  • jortini
  • violetta
  • jorgeblanco
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mistaken | jorge + martina  by exclusivetini
mistaken | jorge + martina by exclusivetini
"i think part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight, is because we fear something so great won't happen twice" she cried for ages. he stopped talk...
  • jortini
  • wattys2018
  • leonetta
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her ex husband 2 (Leonetta) by ahtnamas_rats
her ex husband 2 (Leonetta)by samantha
  • violetta
  • fedemila
  • violettafanfiction
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Life with stars (a Violetta Fanfiction!) by Denia4VLover
Life with stars (a Violetta Denia4VLover
A fanfiction story about Jortini and not only... For Violetta as well! I have not decided yet for what exactly I will write about, but you will figure it out soon! My g...
  • violetta
  • stoessel
  • blanco
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The Footballer by jortiniiiiii
The Footballerby 🌴
You first have to read before knowing it... ;) WARNING: There are a lot of spelling mistakes, but hey? I'm only human after all❤
  • football
  • jortini
  • romantic
Mi Pequeño Tesoro - Ruggarol by vazq644
Mi Pequeño Tesoro - Ruggarolby SoyAl
Karol Sevilla adopta a una niña.
  • jortini
  • ruggelaria
  • hijos
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her ex husband (leonetta) by ahtnamas_rats
her ex husband (leonetta)by samantha
Violetta and León were young sweethearts, who married each other at nineteen. At the age of twenty-three they are divorced. Five years later, Violetta is happy with Dieg...
  • dieletta
  • violettacastillo
  • diegohernandez
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The new guy {leonetta} by tini_storywriter
The new guy {leonetta}by tini_storywriter
It's an leonetta fanfiction about Leon who enters the studio as the "new guy"
  • fedemilla
  • guy
  • violetta
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above the sky by jortiniheaven
above the skyby jortiniheaven
it's complicated, but worth it.
  • romance
  • newyork
  • tini
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Heartbreaker [a Jorge Blanco Love Story] by Schmidt_Blanco
Heartbreaker [a Jorge Blanco 》Cemile《
High school senior Jorge Blanco is out there breaking hearts, and playing with those fragile girls' heart. Long story short; He's a badboy. Pretending to love them, get...
  • martinastoessel
  • jortini
  • smartgirl
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As Long As You Love Me (Sequel To The Singer & The Model) by tacolover213
As Long As You Love Me (Sequel Books4life
After Tini & Jorge broke up Tini ran away, and lost contact with all her friends and family, and is in a depression. But for Jorge, he hates himself for going to the par...
  • dara
  • falba
  • jortini
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Risky business |ZAKOŃCZONE| by Jorgi_Verdas
Risky business |ZAKOŃCZONE|by Jorgi_Verdas
Pięć lat spędzonych za kratkami. Pięć lat bez niej bez jej uśmiechu i słowa wsparcia. Pięć pierdolonych lat kiedy nie mogłem jej objąć i przytulić. Sam tego chciałem i s...
  • jorgeblanco
  • leonverdas
  • leonetta
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Witaj aniołku |ZAKOŃCZONE| by Jorgi_Verdas
Witaj aniołku |ZAKOŃCZONE|by Jorgi_Verdas
@imking: witaj aniołku ten dzień będzie piękny :)
  • jorgeblanco
  • leonetta
  • jortini
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