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*Leon pov*
Omg! why! Why did vilu actually think that I'm only with her cause she's hard to get. I love her! She said it's over I can't belive it. I knew it was to good to be true. I'll never have anyone that truly lives me not even I'm perants. But I'll try maybe she just a bit annoyed. I'm in school leaning on the wall, when I see violetta coming throw the schools door.

She sees me! Oh no is she like going to have a go at me and punch me. Well let's see That see looks angry at me. Oh shit! But I still start walking to her but when she sees that vilu starts heading to her freinds. My Vilu hates me I mean she's not even mine anymore. I'm stood in the middle of the hall looking like an idiot. Well a total idiot after she ignored me!

Well I've got an idea if she walks away when I try to talk normally. I'll say it and prove it infront of the whole school. And thats and idea leon! Your great! I start walking up to her and if she doesn't listen I'll shout it out. I don't care if sees going to start thinking I've gone insane I'll just do it. I just can't loose her she's my everything. I was right next to her and she faces me it's your time leon tell her you love her.

Me: vilu can we please talk it's important- people started wisteling when they herd I called her vilu. There just a bunch of fucking wierdo!

V: What ever you've got to say you can say it infront of my freinds I've got nothing to hide from them. - She said it with such a straight face I was actually a bit scared of her. What is wrong with me why am I fucking scared of a girl.

Me: right I'll do it in front of everyone.

V: Leon What are you talking about do what?

Me: vilu don't play dumb you know what I want to say so listen, in facet everyone listen- everyone turns to face me and see what I was doing.- Now that everyone is listening to me especially guys you should listen. Vilu i dont know why I acted so dumb this morning I didnt mean it. I didn't mean that you easy to get, I didn't say that the only thing that I want you to know is that I really love you I never felt this for anyone else. The way I just act near you is just a bit dumb cause I'm scared I will do something really dumb I really don't want to lose you. You mean everything to me and I just can't live with out you so please be my girlfriend again and never ever leave me again cause I fill not survive it. I love you Violetta kinga castillo your the best thing that has ever happened to me. Don't ever dout that understood?- at the end of my speech violetta was staring at me with tears in her eyes but smiling a few other girls were also crying. Serous is that how emotional girls are? And all the guys were just stearing at me like what did leon verges just day he loves someone. But it was kind of aqward standing there in the middle- but you know huring a little wouldn't hurt anyone- I whispers right in her ear.

Violetta had that cute sparkle in her eye and that meant something. Let's just hope she isn't going to teas me infront of the howl school. I already told her I love her infront of the whole school and if she doesn't feel disame I will look like a total idiot. All of the sudeen I felt something on my neck I stoped my mini daydream and looked up to find violetta hugging me.
Really tight I felt kind if like I couldn't breath.

V: Yes i will always be your my leon!

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