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*Leons pov*

I have to go and see if that twat if back but i don't want to leave violetta now cause i promissed. I said that if she tells me who did this to her i'll stay with her today. But if i go i could always come back quickly just do what i have to do and then come right back to her. It's not exacly breaking the promisse that i made to her or is it?................... No it's not cause i'm going to be back after i had a word with my big stupid dumpass bro, wich i'm not scared of cause hes nore like a four year old not a 20 year old. I pretend that i'm checking a text that i got from my mum, but i feel so bad caus ei'm lieing toher what if she finds out why i really left she'll never forgive me but i can't not do anything.

Me: Angel i have to go home for 20 minutes so i'll be litterly be back in like 30 minutes and then we can do what ever you want to.- At first she looked sad but then she smirked i wonder what shes planning for when i come back can't wait.

V:Ok  can't wait already miss you- she didn't stop smirking and i really wonder what shes thinking in that head.

Me: Love you Angel- I said before kissing her forhead and hedding to the door.

V: Love you more- she shouts after me and it makes me smile. This girl has changes me a lot and it's almost ubeliveble.

Me: Not possible cause i love you more- i shouted befor egoing downstairs where i sore her mum with a masive smile on her face, i think she just heard use shouting. UPSSSSSSSS! I carry on walking down stairs i was going to speak when her mum started talking before me.

Vmum: She really loves you? - she asked and by the way she said i i could actually get a bit affended but no i'll just be nice and answer politely. DAIM! Violetta has really changed me since when do i talk to people politely.

Me: Yes Mrs and i also love her very much. If you won't let use see each other cause what ilook like cause of my tatoos and pearcings i will keep fighting for her cause i really do love her and she really change me. - OK i might have gone slightly over the top with the talking but who cares she has to know that no matter what she does i wont give up on violetta that easy.

Vmum: Finally! A guy who isn't scared to speek up and say that he loves my daughter. Do you know what i really like you, i dont really care if you have tattos or pearcings cause it's what you like and if my daughters fine with so am i. But if you ever hurt her i swere even if i'll have to hunt you round the world to get you back i will. - After she finished i was well shoked she didn't mind me speaking up no she waqas apsolutely fine with everything and thinks that i'm good for her daughter. OMG! I'm so happy i gess vilus mum isn't that bad after all shes actually pretty cool.

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