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Where is he! I'm worried as he'll. Leon said he would be 10 minutes well it's been 2 hours! What is someone attacked him and he's knocked out somewhere? He would be stronger then them right? But what is he's in hospital? If he wasn't wouldn't he txt me? Maybe I should call him. As I was about to reach out to me night stand there was a knock on the door and I jumped up to open it, wishing it would be leon so much! When I finally opened it I was in pure shoke it was him, but he didn't look right. His face was bruised from fighting with someone and he looked sad mixed with happiness. Is that even possible?

L: Hey sorry it took longer then I thought it would.- Really is that all! No I'm sorry I didn't call u or at least text you?!?

V: What happened to u for fudge sack leon! - His face seemed to soften a bit I was kind of pissed of I was loosing my mind here and he shows up after 2 hour after not picking his phone up and says hey I'm sorry it took longer then I though it would. Is he being serious!

L: it's nothing - nothing really like as of I wouldn't be able to tell there was something going on. Does he really think I can't tell by his face what's going on! Even if u can't see it on his face cause he masks it u can tell by his eyes there's that glint of sadness in then. Like as if there's something that he feels bad about or did something I did want him to do and he feels bad.

V: Dont give me this crap leon! Either tell me the truth or leave cause I know ur lieing and I done want to ne lied to!- I started ranting on about shit and he seemed to only look at me and not take anything in. Even if nothing was being shown by him people that know him know that he listens to u no matter how boring the thing that your talking about it. I know I sound rediciouls, it's like girl u guys only started dating but I already learnt a lot. It's easy to check like when u made him watch twilight and then name all the characters from that film he would even though it was boring for him and he would rather watch fast and fiourus he watched it cause he cared and wanted to show it. So when he zooms of like that it's wied cause he never does it and always listens. I'm still ranting on about thing and how he should be careful and call me next time he kisses me. Out of the blue and even though I'm beyond annoyed I kiss him back. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up on the question he still has to answer.

Hey I'm so sorry guys! I've got two accounts and I spent a bit of time on the other one and I had school and I couldn't catch up. If u want me to carry on the book please comment so I know there's still people actually reading. If you think it just got bad comment also on how I could improve. Thank you a lot guys your amazing!

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