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What is does he think he doing trying to kiss me. But should I try to move away and stop him or just let him kiss me. What if he's just nice to me now and then he's going to be the dickhead tomorrow and make fun of me. Is he just using me write now.

Me:Stop....i......cant do this - I struggle to say and he actually does stop I fort I would have to stop him buy force buy no he just stoped when I asked him to.

Leon: sorry........i didn't mean t- he was rubbing the back of his neck while saying this but got cut of by me.

Me: I think it's fine bit I need to go home- I tried to rush out but as I did he grabbed my wrist and that made me turn around and I realised that our faces were just inches apart again

Leons: You can't go there's a thunder outside didn't you hear it- He said with that stupid smirk on his face, i guess hes back to his self.

Me: But i have to my perants will be so worried- i just seriosly didn't want to stay here not with him. As i said that the smirk came of his face and turned into a sad face. Did he actually care?

Leon: can't you just call them i won't let you out in this weather- he was still looking down when he was saying that.

Me:Okay but only this one time - and after that i walked of into the kithcen without looking at him, and i call my mum.

************PHONE CONVERSATION*************

Me: Hi mum

mum: Hi sweetheart whats up

Me: i dont know if you noticed but theres a thunder out side and i can't come ho-

mum: Honney where will you stay then

Me: If you would let me winish i would tell you, so well i'm at my freinds house and we were working on a song together and then we heard the thunder so we thort that i can't go home in this weather so i called you to ask if it's fine if i stay over.

mum: as long it's not a boy of corse honney

me: mum of corse it's not a boys house it's one of my freinds from school but you don't know her cause shes new.

************End of phone conversation************

As soon as i finish talking to my mum i turn around and notice leon was round behind me and that we were really close this was really wied.

Leon: My perants just called and said there staying in a hotel tonight cause of the thunder. So what do you want to do have a pillow fight paint nails talk about boys- he said that in such a girly voice that i knew that he heard my conversation with my mum.

me: ow sut up and just tell me were i'm goting to sleep- i tried to walk away but i was stopped by his muscular body because he would never let me get through without annoying me first.

leon: why didn't you just tell your mum at who's house your staying- he said with a smirk

me: didn't you want me to st- and then i got cut of by something and i noticed i was his soft lips. After a few seconds i started kissing him back and closed my eyes and so did he. I never expected this but why would he do that? why did he kiss me? we were kissing like this for like this for like this for about 10 minutes wich werdly enough i really enjoyed it and didn't want it to stop. But we had to because we were out of breath.

As he we pulled away all i could do was stare in his eyes and i've noticed a spark that i never sore before. This time he didn't have a smirk or a grin on his face but a smile he just seemed so cute and those hazel eyes just melted me. i can't resist him. but why him this morning i hated him and now i wish i could kiss him over and over again. I love him.

*Leon POV*

We just pulled apart i felt sparks when we were kissing i never felt this with anyone else. Violetta is just so beautiful. i can't resist her how could anyone.

I can't belive i ccould have been so mean to her this morning. We were staring into eachothers eyes and i spore a big smile on he dace and a spark in her eyes. I just wantto kiss her. I think i'm in love with her.

what do you think guys i didn't know what to write i know it was rubish xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxJORTINIFOREVER

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