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*Leon pov*
This is the first time ever I cried over a girl and it's also a long time sins I got a hug from someone I can't believe it. I don't think many people would dare to hug me not after I hurt them as much as I heart violetta this morning how could I be so stupid!

*vilu pov*
Okay this is wied leons proper worried about everything he's even worried about me being tied tomorrow but I don't want to go to sleep o would rather stay all night near him.

Me:Ok but only if you go to sleep as well.- i tried to make a deal while I said it with a childish voice.

Leon:What ever you want princesess- he's face brightened up when he said that and with that we lied down as switched the lights of

I was thinking about what happened while leon was asleep at least I think he was. But then I feel his hand on my weist and I turn around. I notice that mine and leons face are just inches apart but then I also noticed that he wasn't asleep at all an that his hand was still on my weist.

Leon: Vilu if only you knew how much I love you. I would be able to hurt an angle like her. Why did o do it. I gess I've lost her forever- I think he didn't notice that I wasn't asleep at all and didn't know that I was listening to say all that.

When leon said that I have to admit my heart just melted I just wanted to kiss him. He was so adorable right now. I started at him but he didn't notice that either because he was stearing at the sceling.

Me: I 'Love you to leon'- he looks down at me with a confused face he only just noticed that I was awake and that I was stearing at him.

Leon: Did you hear everything that I said?- he asks as I just simply nod because if the moon it was light in his room so I could see him blushing wich was super cute.

Me: Leon your blushing- he didnt answer but he just gave me a glare we were still really close with his hand on my weist.

Leon: Violetta i really meant the things I said but I understand that your scared of me and you want to keep away from me for good because of what I've done. But I hope you will forgive me one day.

Me: Leon i will never stay away from you because I don't hate you and I don't need to forgive you because I already did.- i said and a huge smile came up on his face.

Leon: Does that mean th- Leon couldn't finish talking because I crashed my lips onto his lips and I could tell he was shocked but I could also feel the smile on his lips. In a few seconds he started kissing back and then we stopped and just gazed into eachothers eyes. After a few minutes I broke the gaze and I pit my head onto leons chest, as he played with my curles. If someone walked in they would think we're a cupple or something. Or maybe we might be sometime soon I don't know. We had a come

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