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*Vilu pov*
Leon was still walking towards me and I was backing away, until my back nearly hit the wall it would have if leon didn't put his hand there to make sore I won't hurt my self. Why? Why me? Even though I just told him I hate him he's still caring for me not to hurt my self but still what he did is like unforgivably.

L: Angel please just listen- I cut him of again he seemed a bit irotated because usually no one ever would dare to even stop him from speaking.

Me: listen to what leon, how great it was, why you did it I don't care. I don't want to listen to more li- before I could finish of he crashed his lips on my I couldn't stop my self and for some reason kissed back really quickly and pulled away.

L: Dont tell me you didn't feel the sparks violetta, vilu I know you felt them and so did I I didn't lie when I said I love you I really do. It's just I don't know I never had a serious relationship with anyone and I was really scared that i'll do something wrong. I didn't think and then this happened and now you mad at me you want to leave me. But you need to to know that I really do love you vilu. I do and i always will just help me change.- we were both crying but I don't care I'm still angry but I feel like I should forgive him but what if its not going to be the last time this happens. What if it's going to happen more often.

Me: why Leon. Why do you make me feel like That? Whatsit it won't be the last time you did something like this.- i was crying really hard and pinching leons chest. He didn't stop me cause he new that's what I felt like and needed to do. He knew exactly how I feel about him.

L: Sweetheart, love, Angel, Vilu i love you and this is never going to happen again understand me. I will try my very best just for you and I will change, I love you and only you. Violetta you need to understand that I would even love you if you were fat or blind or anything cause you are and alway will be my vilu, my previous Angel, that I can't live without I live you violetta kinga castillo.- i was still pinching him and caring for half of his speech but then half way through it he grabbed hold of my hands and at first interlaced our finger while our hands were in the end and at the end of the speech he kissed pe long and passionately but not long after that I kissed him back I just loved that jerk. But i also knew he was my jerk and no one else's were like this till me moved away and rested his forehead on my and our nose were touching

L: Vilu will you still be my girlfriend I seriously and unconditionally love you.- he melts my heart I know I will regret this but I just love my jerk.

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