Chapter 28 Some Kind Of Wonderful

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***warning contains mature content***

All eyes were on Parker now. I held my breath, it all came down to this.

"I'd rather be my mother's boy than follow my father and I just hope I can be half the man my brother is. I've made mistakes, but I've learned from them. I will take all the help I can get to ensure Jay and I off of this Island and away from you." He spat out.

I edged up tightly behind him and clasped his hand, Asher moved to flank his other side.

"You might as well stay for the cake. Especially since it's the last hospitality I will ever show you. Get the fuck out of my sight and make sure I never lay eyes on Miss barely legal again. There's only so much temptation I can be delivered from." Tommo scared me witless without his charming facade.

Durov was clearly not happy. Who could tell what Pavel was thinking, the man was a stone mountain, but he moved clear of the door and Asher, Parker and I escaped through it.

Asher led us straight through the party and out into the car park where a girl with a motorbike appeared to be waiting for him.

He turned to us, "look, I have to go now. I've got to get myself back before the cops show up and land me with more violations."

He picked me up a tight squeeze before setting me back down on the pavement and walking a couple of steps away with Parker.

Asher pulled his brother into a man hug and spoke directly into his ear. Parker's eyes widened and he turned back to look at me.

The girl handed Asher a helmet and climbed onto the motorbike behind him.

"Remember bro." Asher said before the motorcycle roared into life and he rode away.

Parker looked completely torn up. Was this it? Had Asher told him about my visit?

He grabbed my hand and led me around the car park clicking a key fob. "Look out for Taylor's car, he won't be needing it tonight."

Spotting the central locking lights on Taylor's Audi, Parker headed towards the passenger side and opened the door for me.

"Oh my god Jay you're shaking." Shucking out of his suit jacket he wrapped it around my shoulders.

Sure enough, my teeth had begun to chatter and I couldn't stop shivering. I didn't exactly feel cold though.

"You're going into shock, we need to get you out of here." Parker buckled me into the front seat like a small child. I felt completely helpless, I couldn't stop shaking. Was it shock? I felt as though I could literally shake apart.

It was more than a little embarrassing. My thoughts raced, Parker wouldn't be this gentle with me if he now knew right?

I tried to slow my breathing, I inhaled and exhaled. Parker's jacket was infused with his smell and it went a little way to calming me.

He threw the car into reverse and we sped away from the party.

"I don't want to risk going back to yours with your kid brother there. I think its best you stay with me at the Quay tonight. We'll pick up your stuff in the morning."

They wouldn't go after Charlie would they? We'd have to leave right away? I must've looked even more panicked as Parker reached across and gripped my hand. He didn't let go even as he changed gears driving stick shift.

"It's going to be okay Jay I promise. We are going to get through this. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm probably overreacting, but better safe than sorry. I'm not letting you out of my sight again. At least until we're safely on the side of the world," he lowered his voice muttering,"and perhaps not even then."

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