Chapter 8 Good Golly Miss Molly

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Ren smirked at Parker and pulled me away trailing behind her.

She was now changed and looking gorgeous whereas I looked like a right mess. I knew I looked tired from last night and the black marks all over me were from the graphite used on the dodgem track floor. All of my attempts to remove them had in fact only made them worse.

We had walked the whole length of the promenade. The sun was much stronger now and the beach was getting busy.

I'd never been stared at, heckled or propositioned as much in my life as walking along with Ren.

She seemed oblivious. She texted non-stop, she chatted away to me and twice she flipped a couple of guys the bird. Never once did she play up to the attention. I started to think that Loaf was wrong about a lot of things.

I'm too hot I complained and slumped down onto a covered wooden bench trying to get some shade.

"Come on California. I can't believe you can't take the heat?"

"It's the stupid pantyhose. I'm being cooked alive. I only put them on as it was so fricken cold this morning. I don't understand the stupid English weather."

"Ah. The British weather. Now you know why we talk about it so much. It's not just our polite small talk, we're obsessed with second guessing it. Within just a few short hours you may need an umbrella, scarf, bikini and flip-flops. It's a bitch just getting ready to leave the house." She smirked and looked me over.

Without warning she reached across and tore a hole in the knee of my left leg. "You have options, you can rip more air holes and go for the grunge look, or you can whip them off altogether and show off those long legs Miss America."

I pulled the edges of the hole together trying to patch it up somehow. "I have no options now." I wailed "I can't walk around like this and if I take them off my butt will hang out. These shorts are way too frayed at the back."

"Stop picking and unravelling everything then. Go for option three, tie your cardigan around your waist and wear it like a skirt over your shorts."

"It's alright for you. You're so used to guys checking you out you never even seem to notice."

"Hah, that's rich coming from you. You're the one living in your own bubble. I'm surprised you even look up from the ground long enough to see where you're going. I always know exactly where everyone is Jay, its my job. And believe me, even if it wasn't, I'm always assessing potential threats in the vicinity."

Potential threats? Ren saw guys trying to pick up as threats? Now there was a thread that if I pulled I bet would unravel.

Instead, I kicked off my ballet pumps and pulled down one side of my pantyhose so I could remove one leg. I then passed it through the crotch area of my shorts and slid it down the other leg, stepping out and free. Effectively I had removed them without taking off my denim shorts or flashing anyone my panties.

"Cool trick Cali" Ren looked bemused.

"boarding school, the last two years. I can change a whole outfit underneath a towel held up only by my teeth. " I said flippantly.

"I never took you for a jolly hocking sticks boarding bitch Cali. I've got no experience of pillow fights, makeovers or midnight feasts. I've never even had a sleep over. Even my hookups don't last all night. I don't need cuddles."

"They didn't peg me either. I had no friends there Ren, it was high drama, manipulation and mental torture. I hated every minute of it."

"Who needs Saint Trinianns? Girls don't have to travel in packs to prove their worth. The popularity meter is bullshit. Life is not a sanitary advert."

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