Chapter 14 In The Still Of The Night

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"Shh, shh, Jay wake up it's me. It's Parker, you're alright you're safe. Shh baby you're safe."

I could feel someone's hand on the back of my neck. Soothing warm dry palms drawing small circles with their thumb.

Oh my god no. I hadn't called out again had I? I could feel hot breath on my neck as he buried his face and held me close.

At first, I was just dazed and disorientated. Waking up from my dreams I felt the darkness slipping from me. I always seemed to reach for the end of the dream's tether. It was like the meaning of life was just within my grasp but it moved like smoke, so close, yet completely untouchable.

I could feel him stroking my hair methodically. Trying to ward off the terror that had me spooked. Trying to calm me down. Many times I'd been asked what was wrong? What happened? I didn't know and I didn't want to. It was subconscious for a reason.

But Parker didn't ask questions. He just waited.

As I did wake, I could smell him surrounding me. It was like a delicious cocoon. I then became aware of the hard length of him pressed up against me. His imprint was leaving marks on my soul. He was all encompassing.

It was so damn hot in the trailer. The air thick. I had obviously thrown off the covers during the night and was only wearing skimpy sleep shorts and a thin vest.

Entranced, feeling the new sensation of skin upon skin, I rubbed my leg up and down his and pulled him even closer to me.

With my eyes still shut, I boldly reached out and touched, lightly brushing my fingers over the stubble on his head giving up all the pretence of sleep now. He pressed his forehead to mine "it's okay Jay, you're safe here with me."

At those words I was undone.

I rubbed my nose against his, Eskimo style and searched out his lips for a kiss.

He met my open mouth and swept in his tongue straightaway. I was overtaken by his flavour. I bit on his lower lip and he groaned "Oh shit Jay, even our first kiss is too much."

I couldn't process what he was saying, I moaned into his mouth and ran my hands instinctively up and under his T-shirt. His muscles bunched at my touch and he let out a hiss of breath. Hot, hard, male.

Parker caught my hands and held them still "Open your eyes Jay. I need to know that you're here with me. I need to know that you're down with what's going on?"

My eyelids fluttered open and I stared straight into the brown depths of the eyes that had haunted me for so long.

"I know where I am Parker. I know who I am with and I know that I want you to kiss me." I managed hoarsely.

Like a lit torch springing into life, Parker's mouth covered mine. He pressed into me bringing parts of myself aflame that I never knew existed.

My heart soared and I felt giddy. This was finally happening and it was hotter than hell, right in that moment, I couldn't care less if I burned.

My tongue explored his mouth as he fed me kisses. He trailed his fingers up and down my back making shivers run along my spine. He fisted my hair and my head fell back, leaving my neck exposed.

Parker kissed and nibbled up my neck making my insides squirm and my legs rub together.

I let out a long sigh and Parker returned to my mouth kissing me with the drugging passion that made my heart strain against my rib cage, like it could burst right out of my chest.

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