Chapter 10 All I Have To Do Is Dream

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Ren was already on her way to wasted.

I opened up the door to my trailer and she fell inside. Pulling herself up she giggled and then her eyes went wide as she took in her surroundings.

"Oh my god Jay it's like the magic of the Doctor Who tardis. Only instead of the size thing, it's like crappy on the outside and totally fantabulous on the inside. Did you pimp this yourself girl? Are those curtains gingham?"

Ren broke into another fit of giggles, she dumped her bag and threw herself on the scatter cushions lining the seating area.

"I can just imagine you. All that black hair, just like Snow White when she renovates that little cottage in the woods. Tell me Jay? Did a bunch of woodland animals help out? Did they wipe the floor with their arses and clean the windows with their tails?"

I must've looked embarrassed as Ren stopped laughing, hauled herself up and started to search the kitchen cupboards for glassware. "We need you to catch up so you don't get offended by my British sense of humour. Seriously Jay this place is freaking amazing, but where do you keep your shot glasses? Never mind, this will do."

Setting down two mugs she rifled around in her bag and pulled out a large carton. She poured me out a large measure of bright red liquid.

"Welcome to cocktail hour!"

Ren slid the mug in front of me and I took a tentative sip. It tasted sweet and fruity with a tangy heat underneath. It was delicious and definitely moreish, much nicer than beer.

I grinned a little and took another couple of mouthfuls. Ren topped me back up.

"What is it?"

"It's sex on the beach, which really equates to sand in your panties. Like most things when you're drinking, it all sounds good in principle, but not usually a great idea in practice." She poured some out for herself as well. "It's just me and you tonight though sista and I've got your back. Nothing bad is going to happen. We can just kick back and relax. This will definitely take the edge off. Stop that brain of yours from working overtime and give you the warm fuzzies. Cheers."

She held out her mug and tapped it against mine in a toast and we both took another swig.

"So, how come you're all down here on your lonesome and not staying up at the big house?" Straight to the point as usual, Ren was on a mission to get to know all about me.

"It's my step grandparents house, although they are rarely here. Just like my dad who seldom makes an appearance. That just leaves Charlie, Isabella and me. My stepmom hates to be reminded of my existence, so it's best I'm out of sight and although I love my little brother, I can really do without her constant reminders of how much of a freak I am. I prefer it this way. After two years of boarding school, the luxury of my own space is too much sweet relief to give up."

"Freak?" Ren lifted one eyebrow.

Shit had I said that out loud? "Well I'm just not Isabella's idea of normal. I have had my share of therapy back home and even when she gave me a new start at her old boarding school, I didn't exactly meet everyone's expectations."

"Who would?" Ren interjected.

"Thanks, but I was universally hated at school. Totally unacceptable to her when she was such a popular success back in her day. Then when my exam results fiasco went down, the embarrassment for her was just too much." That wasn't the whole story, but I didn't want Ren to find out how much of a loser I actually was and why Isabella had every right to question my sanity.

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