Chapter 3 'Sweet Talkin Guy'

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My legs dangled over the seawall and I watched one young family on the beach. It was very early in the season. The two kids dug in the sand and played tag with the breaking waves, squealing as they ran up and down the wet banks, trying to avoid the tide as it stretched out to reach them.

It was only 11am, hours to kill until I had to go and collect Charlie. Even at four years of age he had a busier schedule than most CEOs as Isabella moulded him into her idea of perfection.

It was far too early to wander the funfair unnoticed, it wouldn't get busy for a week or so yet and it was too soon to give into the pull of seeing him again.

For gods sake it was only day two, I was pathetic. He might not even be there, the chances were so slim. I knew nothing about him, yet little else had occupied my mind since last year.

It was bordering on obsession, was I OCD as well as everything else?

Fixating on someone you've only seen once couldn't be healthy?

Was it a pattern? I couldn't remember feeling this way before? Arrrghh I was doing it again, round and around. I really needed a life outside of my head. I could hear the approaching bass of a car stereo and the rattle of an old exhaust.

"Psst, psst, Jay!" Oh no, I was even hearing thing now.

"Jay!" a voice called louder.

"Aw, come on Loaf, I don't have time for one of your fantasies I'm dying here man, I need breakfast!" someone groaned.

Loaf? Swinging my head round I could just make out an old navy Ford pulled up to the kerb with Loaf hanging out the driver's side, his face was red from all the shouting. He was struggling to produce a whistle with his fingers stuffed into his mouth. Next to him on the passenger side, I could just make out a solid wall of muscle with dirty blonde hair and designer sunglasses.

I struggled to focus across the boardwalk with the sun shining directly in my face. Curiosity swung my legs back over the ledge and pulled me towards the car. I shielded my eyes from the glare.

The blonde let out a low whistle and lent across Loaf to get a better view, he lowered his sunglasses.

Startling ice blue eyes pinned me to the spot. Even though they were bloodshot, their colour was clear and bright and unnervingly matched my own.

"No way, loaf. You do not know her." He rumbled.

I felt myself flush under the scrutiny. I was certain even my ears were scarlet. Embarrassed, stood slap bang in the middle of the sidewalk, I considered my options, too far from the edge to disappear, too late to feign nonchalance.

Typical Jay, I was frozen with indecision.

Blondie cleared his throat, and what throat it was, tanned, corded and attached to a chest of an Adonis. This guy definitely worked out.

He caught me looking.

"Excuse me, Loaf where are your manners? I'm Taylor and you are?"

Loaf had seemed momentarily dazed that I had actually approached them. Now that Taylor had introduced himself though, his gaze turned flinty and his brow furrowed.

"It's Jay, the American I was telling you about." A look passed between them and then Taylor punched Loaf on the shoulder.

"Yeah, but you missed out all the important parts, like how unbelievably hot she is." Taylor retorted.

Yeah it was cheesy, and my eyes did roll, but no one had ever singled me out with so much blatant interest and enthusiasm before. Taylor broke into the widest smile; it reached his eyes and made them dance with amusement. I felt stuck in his tractor beam, completely out of my depth.

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