Chapter 22 My Girl

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It was the height of the season and the crowds were out in force. I usually liked this time of year as we were busy on the dodgems and it made the shift go much quicker. It also got a little crazy as well though. More girls seemed to line the railings and even my mean and moody fuck off attitude didn't deter the most persistent trying to get my attention. Adam and Patryk, the two guys working with me this evening, started take the piss.

"Christ Parker, that treat em mean and keep em keen rule is certainly working for ya. Do you think if I started to look at the hoes like I wanted to stab them, they might start trying to stuff their mobile numbers in the pockets of my Levi's?" Adam started.

"It would probably help if you didn't call them hoes and looked more like Parker the fallen angel, rather than the bloke who fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But hey why not? Give it a go?" Patryk laughed.

I tried my best to ignore them and stayed in the booth for most of the night. They appreciated the gesture, they both fancied themselves as players and it gave them less competition out on the floor. The banter continued though and I was just going to chew out Adam when I saw her.

She was sat out in one of the cars and Patryk was leaning all over her, pretending to check the seat belt, it was a move I knew well. She was a little flushed and her blue eyes bright with alarm. It took everything I had not to jump over the desk and pull him away from her. I was completely owned. That girl owned me. I knew how anxious she was and the fact that she'd overcome her fear had me in awe.

I flipped the tune so that "my girl" started up as the cars leapt into life. The boys looked up at me, we often use the music to communicate with each other and the message was loud and clear. I signalled to Adam that I wanted to swap out and rode towards her.

I was just a fraction too late as a guy deliberately blindsided her, causing her to jolt with the bump and let out a little squeal. It only took one look before he backed off and I finally stepped onto the back of Jay's car. I encircled her with my arms leaning over to take the steering wheel whilst still standing on the back behind her. Taking control, I weaved around the floor avoiding any traffic in our path. I tried to concentrate but it was difficult being up so close.

She smelt amazing and from my angle I could just make out her biting the lipgloss from her bottom lip. I was aware of attention we were starting to gather and I knew Jay probably didn't appreciate the audience and yet she started to laugh. It started out as a nervous giggle but then broke into a full throated chuckle as she threw back her head and lent against me. I couldn't stop smiling which had even more eyebrows raising.


The lights over the track burst back on and the cars slowed down, dying to a stop. Now came the moment of truth, I hadn't thought this far ahead.

Parker hopped off the back and walked around to face me.

"Take a walk with me?" Parker's dark eyes burned into mine and he held out his hand.

For a split second I was transported back to last year. So much it changed. I had changed. I wondered what might have been if I'd taken his hand all that time ago?

He was worth all I had to risk and I wasn't going to waste another minute.

Grasping onto his hand I pulled myself up and into him, "yes," I breathed.

Parker nodded to the guy in the booth and led me away from the dodgems into the darkness. I knew our every move was being watched, but for once that pleased me. He's with me, I know unbelievable right? I wanted to shout out to all the gawkers.

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