Chapter 6 Do You Believe

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Great, just what I need. I'm going to bloody kill Taylor. He can't keep a thought in his head when Ren's around, just follows his dick.

I can't believe he left Jay with Loaf. She's half frozen and scared to death.

Shit. Of course. I bet he's been running off his mouth and she's expecting me to attack her at any moment.

I should just let go of her hand now and have nothing to do with this fuck up.

Any time now Parker. Just let go.

If anything, I held on tighter, my body refusing to give up even this smallest of connection. Now who's thinking with his dick?

What was I going to do anyway? I'd come straight from work on my bike. I didn't have the cash on me for a taxi. The nearest cashpoint was miles away from this end of the beach.

I spotted one of Loaf's stoner friends who looked fairly twisted.

"Where's Loaf, have you seen him?"

"Er, yeah Parker, haven't seen you though in ages. Yeah Loaf. He ran dry and went to get some more."

Typical "is he coming back?"

"Who knows man. Guido's at a party off island and Loaf got a lift with those that were heading on. What do you need bro?"

"I don't need anything from you. Just that fuckwit was supposed to be looking out for someone for Taylor and now he has just bailed."

The Stoner looked Jay up down and smiled. I didn't like it.

"She's more than welcome to hang here with me. I'm just waiting for my ride. My sister will give her a lift home."

Here was the solution, so why wasn't I happy?

I pulled Jay out of earshot. She was chewing on the ends of one of her hoodie sleeves.

"Listen Loaf's not coming back and Taylor's car is not outside either. You can get a lift here with this guy, yeah he's a little high, but his sister is a year younger than me and I think she's fairly sensible. Or.." what was I trying to say?

"Or what?" she urged.

"I can't drive you home. My car is in the garage" and doubling up as my bedroom at the moment I didn't add "I can't offer you the money for a taxi either, the nearest cashpoint is probably as far away as your house. So..."

"So what?" she was still holding my hand. I let it go.

"I only have my bike with me."

"Oh" she looked at the floor "I've never been a motorbike before but I'm not sure I could..."

"It's not a motorbike, it's a mountain bike" I interrupted. Of course, She's from the Bays. Obviously she would've assumed it's a motorbike.

"You'd truly give me a lift home on your bike? Don't answer that, I'll take that offer before you change your mind." The look of relief on her face punched me in my stomach. She was smiling and it lit her up.

Loaf clearly hadn't told her anything. I felt guilty for thinking the worst of him, but then I remembered he had still left her here.

Leading her out front, I unlocked my bike. She looked so lost in her thoughts. Her whole body tensed but stood perfectly still. She was like a taut string.

We were going to have to get very close to get her home in one piece. She smelt incredible. There was a faint sweet smell of rose that was all hers mixed with the wood smoke of the bonfire.

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