Chapter 24 Jailhouse Rock

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I couldn't believe I was actually sat here. It was so surreal. I knew this was completely out of character for me, but since I'd started testing my own boundaries and beginning to take more risks, it seemed like nothing was impossible and yet even my own stupidity couldn't blind me to the fact that this was perhaps taking it a little too far?

Yet I needed to know. Parker couldn't do everything on his own and in my gut, I knew he needed help. There was no way in hell he was going to ask for it. Before this summer I would have done nothing. I would have just waited in the background letting life happen to me. I wasn't that passive little mouse any longer. Sure, I still felt sick to my stomach, but I was doing it anyway.

All the way along I thought something would prevent me and put a stop to this craziness.

Yet here I was. I even managed to book the whole thing online.

I felt completely unprepared. Funnily enough, none of my self help gurus had written a chapter on what to do when visiting someone you've never met before in prison.

It wasn't anything like I'd imagined it. To be fair, I only had the penitentiaries on TV to base anything on and they didn't even wear orange in this country. It was an open prison, whatever that meant, but where were the security gates and the guards? From the outside this redbrick Victorian building could've been anything. It looked more like a school or administration block to me.

I had just walked in across the lawn and straight through the door marked reception. I was told I'd have to store my belongings in a locker and be searched before I could visit, yet they had just given me and my passport a cursory glance over.

Now sat at a table, facing an empty chair, like all the other visitors waiting for the prisoners to arrive, it felt like some sort of bizarre job interview or speed dating event. Not that I'd actually been to either of those.

There was even a little snack bar in the corner serving teas, coffees, crisps and chocolate, which seemed very popular and certainly more my speed.

My leg bounced under the table and I picked at the peeling paintwork on the underside of my seat as I watched the guys file in one by one.

I was hoping I would be able to recognise him. It was really awkward checking over each man as he came through the door. I was sure any moment now a jealous wife or girlfriend would start screaming at me.

I needn't have worried though, there was no mistaking Asher, his dark eyes gave him away completely, they were just like his brother's.

Although that's where the familiarity stopped.

Parker was pretty, a word you definitely wouldn't use to describe this man.

Don't get me wrong, he was attractive. Although slightly taller than his brother, Asher was a lot wider. He was huge. He had obviously spent a lot of his time in the gym. He wasn't the largest guy in the room, but I was sure those over inflated bodies needed chemical assistance. No, Asher was just solid. The kind of hard body that required hours of punishing dedication.

Apart from his Bane like physique, he appeared to have done his upmost to ruin his looks. His nose was clearly broken and his facial hair way past sexy stubble. He kept his hair long and unkempt and yet he still drew a lot of attention as he walked through the room toward me.

I had to muffle the hysterical laughter that was fighting to get out. What in god's name was I doing? Yeah okay, so finally I'd managed to have words with my dad and now suddenly I was badass sat in a prison? I didn't even know what Asher was in for, I was a complete idiot and reality was rushing in fast.

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