Chapter 20 Tears On My Pillow

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Ren charmed us a lift from a couple of guys she knew up to JoJo's.

At least I think she knew them?

Judging by the expensive cars packing out the parking lot, it certainly had a different clientele this evening.

When I commented on it she snorted, "Its coming up to Cowes week. It's one of the worlds largest regattas. All the yachting royalty are crawling out the woodwork. Many of them have moorings with the Taylors. The older cronies fill up the casinos and restaurants in The Bays and JoJo's is taken over by the jetsetting youth, trying to avoid mummy and daddy."

Instead of walking in the front door, Ren pulled me round the back. "I don't want to bump into the owner, Joanne, it's complicated."

When isn't it? I thought, but kept quiet.

When we reached the back decking, I could see the place was overcrowded. It did feel like it been taken over by the young and the beautiful.

Music pumped out into the night and fires could be seen all over the beach, but this time in expensive looking iron braziers.

I was transported back to my first party at JoJo's and I automatically started scanning the crowd for Parker.

"Chillout Jay. He's not here. This is a private function. Even if he was invited, he'd never show, all of this privilege would break him out in hives."

"Invitation only? So have we been..."

"Hell no. We're gatecrashing. Come on let's go score some drinks."

She started to weave her way through the crowd. Half dancing and half scanning for whatever it was she was looking for.

Finding a target, Ren sidled up to a couple of guys camped out at the end of one of the bars. Neither of them were as attractive as they thought they were. Judging by the amount of product in their hair, it was clear they took a long time with their appearance. In their mid to late 20s they watched Ren approach, dragging me behind her, with keen interest.

Ren batted her lashes and held onto the nearest guy's arm, she lent over and asked, "Gentlemen, is it okay if we hang out here with you? You see, my friend just keeps getting hit on and it's ruining her night. She's only in the country for couple of days and we rarely get to see each other?"

"Oh yes of course ladies, sure. I can see why you two are getting hassled. We'll look after you." He made eye contact with his friend and shared a knowing look.

Ren feigned relief, "thank you so much. What are you drinking boys? I'd love to buy you a drink for helping us out?"

"Oh no. We are looking after you remember? I insist on getting the next round in, let me."

After an hour of listening to how great they were, drinking at least three free drinks, Ren suddenly started taking an interest in a group of girls who had come up to the bar.

I recognised one of the brunettes from the Sunday sessions who knew Parker.

These girls were local and they kept giggling loudly, stealing glances our way and obviously laughing at our expense.

Yet, when a polished blond girl approached them on the arm of a gorgeous looking guy, I actually watched the colour drain away from Ren's face.

"Imogen Cooke-Hurle. What the fuck." She hissed under her breath.

We both watched the group as Imogen introduced the guy with her. He kissed all of them European style,once on each cheek, as Imogen scanned the rest of the bar.

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