Chapter 17 What A Difference A Day Makes

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Parker had already left by the time I'd woken up yesterday. I was definitely not drinking again. The room had started to spin as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was cross with myself as I couldn't focus on the wicked lovely things Parker had been doing and he was definitely not interested in taking things further with me so tipsy.

My throat was dry like sandpaper and I was more than a little worried that I had messed things up between us. Then I saw the large glass of water he'd left out on the table next to my phone which was vibrating with a message.

He'd sent a text:

Mornin beautiful. I h8 2 leave u in bed without me but I've got 2 work :( Hope ur feelin okay, remember r date. I'll pick u up 2moro at 8am bring flipflops xxx Your Parka


Although we had continued to text each other throughout the day and we had only just got together, I really missed him last night. I have never felt so lonely and although I enjoyed the excitement of waiting for him to arrive this morning, I was seriously worried about how I would cope when the summer ended.

The sun was shining this morning. I opened the door to let in the air and gauge the temperature. I had no idea where we were heading. I took the wet feet as a kinda clue and decided to wear my hair up and my best bikini instead of underwear. I played it safe with straight cargo pants, gypsy top and of course, the obligatory little cardigan, in case it turned colder.

Reapplying my third lot of lipgloss, I started to pace the trailer. My nerves were definitely on edge.

I heard the sound of the motor before I spied a small boat approaching through the window over the sink. The tide was just at the right point for it to dock at the end of the old unused jetty. The boat was really old and had probably seen better days, but with Parker steering it into the position, it couldn't have looked any finer.

Grabbing my purse and sunglasses I didn't care how keen I looked as I just ran out to meet him. Parker strode up the bank and caught me in a big hug, swinging me around and lifting my feet off of the ground. Again, he managed to make me feel petite and feminine, when all of my life I had felt too tall and gangly.

"About last night Jay. Let's not do that again." He murmured into my hair. I looked lost. "It may just have been Taylor snoring but I really missed you. I want to spend as much time together as we possibly can, if you're okay with that?"

I broke into the biggest grin, "I think I can handle that yes."

"How are you with boats?"

"Well, I've never spent any time on one like that. I've only really been on ferries, oh and a yatch once, we didn't go anywhere, we just stayed moored for some reception party for my dad's work." I was babbling away now. Breathe Jay.

"Well good. This will be a first then." I flushed, Parker smiled and took my hand leading me towards the boat.

"Do you swim?"

"Yeah. I'm no water baby, but I'm quite a good stamina swimmer."

"I bet you are." Parker quipped, "the plan is to stay dry though. Just wanted to check. Safety first." I rolled my eyes.

And so the day began, we found innuendo in just about everything and anything. Seriously, it was like I was some horndog. I just had a one track mind and was highly sensitive to every touch or suggestion Parker made.

Parker had thought of everything. He had a flask of tea ready and a couple of bacon rolls, which I knew were a British breakfast essential.

We went on a little tour, and then stopped at one of his favourite places growing up right next to the harbour wall.

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