Chapter 2 He's So Fine

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"Jump on! Jump on! Hold tight and scream if you wanna go faster!"

A bell clanged and the cars jerked into life, tiny sparks hissed from above and I winced as squeals filled the air competing with the retro 1950's rock and roll music.

Regardless of the noise, I stood transfixed on the sidelines. I hugged the railings and couldn't take my eyes from him. My whole body went into high alert. Every one of my senses seemed heightened and I could smell the sweetness of the candy floss mixing with the hot donut oil and feint rubber scent of the dodgems I couldn't move on from.

'He's so fine' blared out from the speakers and as The Chiffons 'do langed' their way through the lyrics, I just had to agree.

Tall at over 6 ft, lean and muscular, in faded Levi's and a black T-shirt that hugged his biceps, he rode on the back of several bumper cars, swinging his way from one to another as he moved across the shiny black floor.

He was fluid in motion until he reached his destination, a stranded single blonde female whose steering was supposedly locked. Pushing back his dark hair from his eyes, he broke into a disarming grin that split his sculpted face as he helped set her free. She flushed and pouted and preened and he rubbed the back of his neck as if in discomfort.

I felt a flash of jealously that brought me back to earth. I was jealous of two complete strangers. Ironic I suppose seeing as I've only ever got a shot with a complete stranger. Anyone who knew me wouldn't be interested. Snapping out of it, I tuned back in to see him making his way towards me. For once I wasn't worried, people like him didn't notice people like me.

"Give you a ride?" He asked, stepping off a passing car landing directly on the railing in front of me.

Startled and completely flummoxed I stepped back out from under the darkness of the bumper car canopy and out into the bright summer sunlight. The contrast caused momentary blindness but there was no mistaking the dark eyes that burned into me.

I broke the stare and looked down at my sneakers as if the floor held the answer. Could I take a ride? Hell no. The sparks, the noise, the danger, the bumping for crying out loud. I wouldn't be able to steer I'd make a complete idiot out of myself. What about the queue? The British were sure territorial about their queuing. I couldn't push in. I didn't have a token. How did you pay? What would I tell him if he realised I was here all alone?

He barked out a laugh, "If you chew on that bottom lip any longer you'll make it bleed. Come on live a little.." He teased, his voice soft but definitely masculine.

He held out his hand.

I frowned. Lost. Panicked.

The moment stretched out past comfortable.

"Think about it," he smiled and hopped onto the next passing car and was off.

Mortified, tears spiked my lashes and I fled.



I'd try again next turn. How long had she been standing there? I vaguely remembered seeing her around once or twice but hadn't really paid attention. How could I have missed a girl that pretty? Long straight black hair that fell like rain. Delicate build, lithe like a ballet dancer. Standoffish, skittish or aloof? I wasn't sure. Yet I had felt those blue eyes haunt me before and yet never really seen her until now.

Who was she? Not local that's for sure and somehow not your regular tourist.

She seemed so out of place. Shame Naylor wasn't around, he'd know what to say. Then again, thank god he wasn't as I saw her first.

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