Chapter 23 Living Doll

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"So you two lovebirds have finally made up then?" Ren shouted from behind the changing room curtain.

We were shopping for dresses for her party. Her dad had given her money and strict instructions not to come home with any of her Bohemian crap.

One thing I did love about this country was its shopping. Who wouldn't? It was a Fashionista's paradise.

I had chosen the first outfit Ren had picked out for me. Although it was short, the shimmery fabric really made my eyes pop. Well, that's what she said anyway.

"Yes." I answered happily. I was sat on a plush overstuffed couch waiting for her to reappear.

"Ah crap, another one bites the dust then. Seriously," she called out, "I can't see what all the fuss is about? I must be doing it wrong. Sex has never made me moon faced."

The dressing room was practically empty and the snooty attendant far too busy chatting on the shopfloor to be paying us any attention.

"I wouldn't know." I still answered quietly.

Ren stuck her head around the curtain. "Oh my god, you mean you still haven't? That's priceless, no wonder you're still smitten Kitten. You need to get over that disappointment fast. Especially if you reckon you're going travelling with him. Why ruin Paris by discovering he's a lousy lay?"

"Parkers a lousy lay? How do you know?" I replied hotly.

Rents snorted then ducked back behind the curtain. "As if." She shouted "Taylor would love that one. No I mean in general. I've never met a man that meets the hype... And before you ask, no, I'm not gay. I don't even like girls, no offence, and they sure as hell don't like me. I'm attracted to men. I love the way they smell and can look at a body like Taylor's for hours." She stuck her head back around again, "and if you tell him that I will have to kill you." She disappeared again, "it's just when it comes down to the nasty itself, well, it's just that; nasty."

"Maybe you just haven't met the right one?" I reasoned.

"Maybe I'm just a realist." Ren responded.

We fell silent for a bit, both lost in our own thoughts.

Ren stepped out in a floorlength gown that completely transformed her. She looked gorgeous of course, but more sophisticated. The dress didn't hide her body, but also didn't flaunt it. It pulled your eyes up to her expressive face and with her hair up, she looked like a beautiful goddess.

We both stared at her in the mirror and smiled each other.

"He won't go for it though," she said forlornly, the grin fading from her face.

"Who won't?" I asked.

"My dad. We have to take a photo so I can text him." She threw her cell phone over and I carefully took a full-length shot before handing it back. Sending a text, she sat down next to me on the couch and we waited.

"To be honest Ren, I'm really worried about it." I confessed.

"Now there's a surprise." She smiled to soften the dig, "what are we talking about now?" She followed up.

"I kinda expected something to happen last night. We stayed up for hours getting excited about travelling. He was all over me, but right when it was getting interesting, he seemed to hold back."

"So, let me get this straight. The boy who has got a rep for taking advantage is being the perfect gent. You've got to love the irony?"

"I don't love the frustration, no." I whined.

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