Chapter 15 My Baby Just Cares For Me

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I woke to a constant drumming sound. The rain was finally falling. The sky was dark but I knew it was early morning.

I felt pinned to the floor then realised Parker's leg was tangled up in mine. The weight of him warm and unfamiliar. Parker. Last night flooded back to me.

The voices rushed in and I felt the onslaught of what Brene Brown, one if my favourite self help gurus, would call a 'vulnerability hangover'.

You told him about your mom. He knows you can't sleep in the bedroom. He heard you crying out like a freak in the middle of the night. You told him you had no friends. He knows too much. He's going to think you're damaged. He's gonna know you're not normal.

Yet he's still here.

I tried not to wake him.

"Morning gorgeous" Parker's eyes slowly opened and he wriggled around to make us both comfortable. My thoughts scattered and I tried to grab hold of just one. The rain continued to fall.

"Are you okay?"

How to answer that one?

"I mean the rain, is it bothering you? "

I smiled and looked up at the ceiling. It felt like you should be able to see it, to be able to tell the difference somehow. The hammering was relentless, but also constant, steady. Lying with Parker it was almost musical. "No, the rain isn't bothering me at all."

"I think it sounds great. It sounds like I won't have to move for hours. I'm supposed to be working the beach chairs this morning. That rain means I finally get the morning off and I can't think of a better place to spend it. Of course if it's alright with you?"

"I've got no place I'd rather be."

"Okay then, toothpaste or tea? Choose your flavour?"


"Well I intend to pick up from where we left off and I really want to impress. I don't want our next make out session marked down for morning breath."

"You've given this a lot of thought I see?" I smiled.

"I've thought of nothing else for quite some time." Parker's eyes darkened, his lips turned up in a mischievous grin.

"I'll put the kettle on" I squealed and tried to get up but Parker pulled me back down hard on top of him.

"Although I love you in those, what are they, sleep shorts? They're adorable. Your fine ass needs to stay in bed. I'm on tea making duty this morning milady."

In a wrestling move Parker switched us over, so that he was now on top and I was caught beneath him. "cute freckles too" Parker kissed the top of my nose and then benchpressed himself up off the floor and with two strides made it to the kettle.

"I've always wanted my own British butler" I mused.

"Hey, I'm much better looking than Alfred and definitely more Dark Knight surely?"

"definitely. I prefer your uniform as well."

Parker was standing at the sink in just his boxer shorts. His lean hard body on full display. He waggled his eyebrows.

"Hell no, don't tell me that's where Loaf got it from." I laughed

Parker pretended to be outraged "it's all me Jay, never accept a substitute."

I loved this side of him. He was so playful, so unafraid to goof off. Parker moody and intense was attractive, but Parker messing around was addictive. How was I going to survive this?

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