Chapter 27 Sh Boom

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I was beginning to really stress now. Jay should've been here already and Durov had never spoken to me for so long before.

Just at that moment, Ren strutted across the floor making a beeline for the bar. She looked centrefold hot in her skimpy outfit and Durov was clearly distracted. I couldn't see Jay though and my mouth went dry. At that moment I realised, distracted, he'd obviously been distracting me.

I took my chance to give him the slip and pushed my way out into the Foyer looking for her. She had to be with Tommo, it was the only thing that made any horrible sense.

Pavel was guarding a door which meant they had to be behind it. I needed yet another distraction.

Spying one of the Barham clan dressed in the same outfit as Isabella gave me the opportunity I needed. She was all fake hair and tits and I knew better than to approach her directly. I whispered into the ear of the nearest one in her group, " just thought you should tell your mate that there is a woman in the champagne bar that says she's wearing a knock off of her dress and that it is clearly fake as someone like her couldn't afford the real thing."

I then headed back to Pavel.

"Where is the bitch? I'll lay her out!" I heard screeched in the background.

"It's about to kick off out there mate. You need to put a stop to it. Tommo will go mad if the fighting starts before the first act's even been on. I'll hold the door for you." I said.

Pavel looked mildly interested, "bitch fight you say?" He loped off to check out the commotion now going on in the main hall.

I let myself in.

Jay was stood frozen in the middle of the room looking stunning in a simple glittery sheath dress with her long black hair falling straight down her back.

Tommo appeared to be pacing.

Both of them swung around to look at me as I entered. Jay was clearly relieved to see me, she rushed towards me and threw her arms around my neck.

Her pulse was hammering and her breath choppy. Just over her head I could see Tommo's wry expression.

What had I interrupted? Why were they in here alone? What had he done?

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine," she managed. I pulled her back to look right into her eyes "honestly, I'm fine," she tried to reassure me.

"Hoo fucking Ray the Calvary has arrived, but, wait a minute, aren't you the shining white knight who works for me?" Tommo gloated.

"Off the clock boss, sorry."

"There is no clock son, not when you work for me. We both know there is a certain debt that needs paying before you're free from my employment."

Jay tugged me backwards towards the door, I followed her lead, "thanks for keeping an eye out for my girl, we'll be running along now."

"That's what I was afraid of. Ren said you were a flight risk. No one is running anywhere before the slate is settled."

Fuck Ren for bringing Jay into this.

It was pointless. There was nowhere to go where Tommo wouldn't find you.

I just need to get whatever he wanted me to do over with and get her away from him as fast as possible.

"Just tell me the job and I'll do it." I said.

"Oh I know you will, but unfortunately there's been a delay and my additional guests won't be arriving just yet and so I won't be needing you tonight after all. I do feel in light of recent events though, I need a bit more... loan security. I'll be sending Pavel to retrieve your passports to add to my collection, where is he?"

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