Chapter 13 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

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"It's really not necessary you know" Parker said for the umpteenth time since Taylor had dropped us off.

It was more than dark. The sky was overcast, completely covered with ominous clouds which threatened heavy rain. I struggled with the door, fumbling with the keys. Once inside, I opened the windows and stuck on the kettle trying to stay calm. I was careful not to flip on the iPod. The last thing I needed right now was Parker to discover the playlist dedicated to him. Crazy much?

He just stood in the doorway looking really uncomfortable.

"Do you want tea?" I busied myself with the ritual of teacups, though my hands were shaking,I managed not to break anything.

He hovered on the step "Er, yeah, okay thanks" he managed stepping over the threshold.

Behold the magic of tea once more.

"How do you take it?" I steadied my breathing.

"White with one." He perched at the end of the tiny kitchen table. It was so weird having him in my space . "This is nice" he managed, looking around the trailer. I could see him taking in the curtains and cushions. It was all kitsch, retro and definitely feminine. He was so very male. He looked out of place.

"I'm sorry. I'm the only one who ever stays here. I decorated it myself. As you can see, I went a little nuts with the soft furnishings."

"Why would you apologise? It's great. Really, er, homely."

"Sure, if you're a 1950s housewife" I reasoned.

He started again "honestly, don't feel you have to let me stay here. I won't tell, Taylor..."

"Am I really so bad?" I interrupted. "It looks like it's going to rain, I've got a double bed you can have all to yourself. Surely that's got to be better to stretch out on, than cramped up in the back of a car? Also there is no chintz in the bedroom. I promise, no floral pattern anywhere, you won't lose your manhood."

"Lose my what?" Parker looked amused now. I flushed red. "Spending time with you Jay is not the problem. I just didn't want you to feel trapped into it. Taylor can be..."

"I want you to stay" I blurted out.

It all went uncomfortably quiet. I searched the vinyl floor for something to say.

The kettle whistle blew and I was grateful to have something to do again.

"Well I'm definitely not taking your bed, I can kip out on the couch."

I turned away to sort the tea and tried again. It was much easier to talk to him when I didn't have to look at him.

"Well I appreciate you not taking my bed and as I sleep in the living room, you have to take the bedroom. It's the only space going free."

"Really?" He pushed.

"Honestly." I replied "you can check, the bed's not even made up out there. It's only got a sheet on it. No pillows, but then I'm sure I can spare you one from out here." I gestured to the mountain of throw cushions piled up on the seating units.

I placed his tea in front of him and sat down opposite with mine. It felt like all the air in the caravan was draining away. We watched each other.

"Thank you"

"You haven't even tasted it yet. My obsession with English tea is fairly recent and I never get to make it for guests, so my apologies if it sucks."

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