Chapter 25 I Put A Spell On You

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**warning this chapter has mature content**


It was Friday. Parker had been chasing me on text all day yesterday and complained when I wasn't able to see him. He would have been doing more than that had he'd known where I'd been.

I'd made plans to meet him at the house where he was crashing with Taylor for an hour between his shifts. All I had to do was give the wicked witch the slip.

I knew I needed to tell him about Asher regardless of what he'd said. I had thought of nothing else and hadn't slept a wink all night.

I'd been watching over Charlie since a summoning text at six this morning to stop him crawling the walls.

All the activities he did gave him a very low attention span and although he was happy bouncing on the trampoline outside for now, the sky was overcast, so either rain or his low boredom threshold would bring him bounding inside soon.

I had to get out quick.

"Not so fast Miss mouse, you can't scuttle off just yet, I'm meeting some friends for coffee in an hour and someone needs to take care of Charles." Rats.

"Sorry, I'm just on my way out as well." I told Isabella.

"Don't be sorry. It's not me you need to apologise to, it's whoever you need to call and cancel on, as obviously you won't be making it. Who were you going to see anyway?"

I knew better than to mention Parker. Isabella has been particularly scathing about him recently. She had even suggested that he was a closet homosexual who was using me as a decoy. She just couldn't except that he might actually find me attractive.

"I'm going to Taylor's," well it wasn't a lie.

"I know this is just a waste of my breath, but have you managed to get me an invite to the party tomorrow?"

I'd had the invite for days now, but I'd been saving it for an occasion just like this one. I needed leverage if I was going to make an escape today. Ren was rubbing off on me. "As a matter of fact I have," Isabella's head whipped up. "I need to go over to Taylors now though to pick it up for you."

I smiled sweetly . She narrowed her eyes, perhaps I was pushing it a bit too far? I also had to somehow get her to wear the Alexandra McQueen dress. I decided that reverse psychology was my best chance, "In return though, I really would like to wear the Alexandra McQueen print dress." I could see the cogs whirring away she seem to consider this, "please?" I added.

She'd have to think I really wanted something before she took any pleasure in denying me.

"Are you actually trying to negotiate with me?" She laughed. "I don't barter. You will do as you are told. Let's remember who is the adult and who is the child in this relationship shall we? I will be wearing that dress as there is no time for me to shop now because of you. In all honestly, I'm doing you a favour. That dress is made to hug curves. You Jay, clearly have none, you are as flat as an ironing board and it would just gape tragically."

I hung my head. Isabella probably thought in shame, I was simply trying to hold in the giggles. Playing this woman was easier than I thought. I should have done this a lot sooner.

"Whilst we're on the subject, we've never been to an event just the two of us together before and I don't intend to start now. Please don't hang around me. I know you'll be tempted to, but really, I rarely get to let my hair down without your father, so I don't want to be babysitting his brat all evening. Of course I'll say hello, but let me come to you."

"No worries. If that's all, I've really got to get going."

Isabella waved me away, but just as I was making it to the door she shrieked, "hang on, what about Charles!"

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