Chapter 9 I Only Have Eyes For You

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Tomorrow had turned into a couple of days which was now a full week.

Ren had been busy with her 'work' whatever that was. We had hung out all over the island whilst she text away and collected her numbers.

She had painted my toes, talked about everything and nothing and I suspected was testing me out, for what I didn't know.

Our paths frequently crossed Parker which played havoc with my nervous system. He was always working or on his way to some job or other. He never spoke directly to me but often asked where Taylor was and kept up his intense eye contact.

Ren always steered us around Taylor and whenever they did talk, I felt like a third wheel.

I never questioned her on any of it. She would tell me herself if she needed to I rationalised. But really, for the first time in such a long time I was having fun and I didn't want to jeopardise that.

We still hadn't managed our sleepover though. Durov always tracked her down somehow.

Tonight Ren swore was different and she was meeting me later.

It was glorious weather, Saturday changeover day again and it was crazy. I sat on the beach stone wall and just watched the traffic queue, the waves roll in and the constant stream of tourists walking up and down the promenade.

They seemed to pour out of the resort like ants and the steady march went right out to the furthest point where the Ferris wheel dominated the skyline.

Girls giggled and boys posed.

I could sense a change in the crowd before I caught sight of Parker weaving his way towards me.

A group of girls preened, tracking his every move and several of the guys stood taller.

He had a wet suit open down to his waist and he was carrying a paddle board, with large kitbag slung on his back. His tattoo sleeve, a thick coil of rope snaking up to his elbow, clearly on display.

I looked down at my blue painted toenails and tried to channel my inner Ren. What would she do?

I knew she'd kick my ass for staring at my feet so I jumped up just as Parker approached, colliding into his chest.

I couldn't drag my eyes away from it. I knew his body was lithe, but I hadn't realised it was so hard. His body was wiry. Roped muscles disappearing into the wetsuit which clung to his thighs had me licking my lips. God I needed to get a grip. Quite literally. I yearned to hold onto him.

He seemed amused, but it was so hard to tell. Parker was just so unreadable. I swore I saw a smile ghost his lips, but it was gone and he cleared his throat.

I looked up into his brown eyes and almost drown. His eyelashes were still wet and spiky. He was so pretty, his features so delicate but with that edgy stay away vibe he radiated, it was an intoxicating combination which really kept you off balance.

He pulled you in with his looks but pushed you away with his attitude.

The staring competition was in full swing, he almost looked hungry for something. I broke first.

"Been for a paddle?"

"No. Working."

Parker wasn't chatty and my social skills were so rusty, I couldn't save the conversation either. I had a vision of us locked in silence and couldn't help but snicker. Parker broke into a smile as well.

"What's so funny?"

"Glad you stopped for a chat."

"Most girls don't want to chat with me" he responded

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