Chapter 5 'Don't Be A Fool'

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Please let me know what you think of this chapter the story is starting to take on more adult themes.


"No" I bit out much too quickly. If it was possible Parker seemed to turn even colder.

"We've never been introduced" Parker said flatly.

"Loaf take care of Jay will you, I have got to catch up with this geezer" it wasn't a question. Taylor flung his arm around Parker leading him away, they seemed to be in deep conversation already.

Loaf looked cross. He scowled at their retreating backs.

"It's okay you don't have to babysit me Loaf." I suddenly felt chilled and I pulled on the hoodie I'd tied around my waist. For once in my UK life, I had come prepared for how cold it could turn.

"It's not that, I didn't like the way he was looking at you. Parker is bad news. I've told Taylor time and again but he just doesn't see sense. He must reckon he still owes him." Loaf snorted.

"Owes him what?" I dug a little further. Loaf looked uncomfortable. He knew he'd said too much and tried to change the subject.

Yet this was my only opportunity. I was still feeling the effects of the beer and my pulse was already all over the place since Parker had shown up.

I couldn't believe it. He must've seen me trying to kiss Taylor. I swallowed the lump in my throat and felt sick to my stomach. I needed to know more about him.

"What's the deal with Parker anyway?" I tried for casual but Loaf wasn't as dumb as he looked.

"No Jay" he groaned "not you too. Seriously Parker is a walking disaster. He wouldn't be interested anyway. Parker does not date tourists anymore, full stop finish"

"Why?" I couldn't help myself. I picked at my sleeves, pushing my thumb through the material and pulling at loose threads I had managed to work free.

"Aw man" Loaf looked torn. He drank some more, then reached into his jacket, pulled out a Tobacco tin and started to roll a cigarette.

God I was naive at times. It wasn't just a simple roll up. I smelt the sweet cloying smell of weed as Loaf constructed his joint. Obviously a regular habit as I watched the speed and skill of his complicated origami.

Now I don't smoke ever and ironically, it was easier to come into contact with cocaine and ecstasy at my old school than marijuana.

It was the classic distinction; private schools: class A drugs and mental cruelty versus state schools: class B drugs and physical abuse.

As my father was a doctor, I'd had all the lectures of side-effects and I knew that getting high could only increase the chances of depression and paranoia. I didn't need any more disadvantages in the mental health department.

Yet as Loaf lit the blunt and took his first hit he relaxed back into the sand and seemed ready to give me the story, so I didn't move away.

"Those two have been tight since the first day of school when the teacher sat them together. By rights it should've been me, my surname is Thomas, but Mrs Silkin said she didn't believe in being predictable and following the alphabet.Even though they came from opposite ends of the island and Taylor was so easy going and Parker so moody and quiet, they was as thick as thieves. They ran all the sports teams and Taylor's dad even took Parker along when he taught his son to sail. They regularly competed in two handed dinghy racing as kids and completely dominated.Taylor could've been an Olympian. But oh no, he didn't wanna do it without Parker.
As they got older they had the market covered. The pussy loved them." I cringed at the crude term but Loaf was lost reminiscing and seemed more than a little jealous. He continued
"With Parker as his wing man Taylor cleared up. They got the best jobs life guarding at the Haven Sands swimming pools and I swear they literally had to fight the bitches off with a stick. Course that meant they were always in Coasters nightclub and only ever rarely invited one of us in with them. It wasn't enough for Parker though. He managed to work the Dodgems for Big Tommo at the funfair at other end of the island as well because of this thug brother. That meant they monopolized the whole stretch. Kings of summer. Parker still weren't happy though."

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