Chapter 11 Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love

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Please note I have added a new scene to the end of the previous chapter with Jay's Stepmother if you haven't read it, otherwise on with the story...


Funfairs came alive at night. They really transformed.

Everything was heightened by the lights and loud music. It was like they were laced with something a little edgier. The excitement and hint of danger that could any moment turn into something much more sinister.

Especially this fairground. It seemed to teeter along some invisible line. The banging techno music and screams from the waltzers seem to build to a frantic tempo pushing everything to the edge.

It was nothing like the county fairs we had back home. The majority of families that frequented the play areas were long gone, replaced by gangs of local kids and groups of holidaymakers.

The arcades were still busy, but with more experienced gamblers hanging around the slot machines. They stalked the inexperienced who were just playing for fun, waiting for them to fill up a machine with coins before they jumped on and pumped the cash back out again.

Eyes were everywhere. The sideshow hands scoped out potential punters. The opportunists trolled for the easy marks and of course the sexual undercurrent moved throughout, with both sexes blatantly circling each other.

Ren had said I needed to stick around the tourists as much as possible to be inconspicuous. I couldn't hang out with the locals, as they weren't open to outsiders and I couldn't go with her, because no one was likely to talk freely with the bosses daughter around.

In order to blend like a tourist though, I had to look the part. Apparently they dressed up a lot more as they were on holiday and usually went onto a bar or nightclub. Whilst the locals were much more casual.

Ren had picked out my outfit. She had chosen the tightest spray on jeans I owned and coupled them with the spiked high heels I never wore, unless at charity dinner with my dad, I was just far too tall to wear heels otherwise. The top she decided on, I only ever wore as underwear. It was a lacy camisole that was tight enough to go without a bra. I only agreed to it when she finally approved my little black cardigan with silver thread running through it, to wear over the top. I had stuck my hair back in a scruffy high poni and plastered on some strawberry lip gloss, that I was now practically biting off.

I couldn't hear anything over the techno music of the waltzer, so that area was a no go. After walking endless loops around the arcade, I couldn't see many staff in there either, apart from the big security guard at the front whose attention I'd already attracted. I probably looked suspicious, I was on my own and hadn't spent a dime so far. Not that any of these machines took dimes. It was time to venture back outside.

That's when I noticed several of Durov's entourage standing in front of the burger van.

One of them was talking to the very young girl behind the grill, whilst the others seemed to be waiting for orders, maybe it was their dinner break? The only thing was, the burger van was at the end of the dodgem track. On the one hand good, as I could see a couple of holidaymakers watching from the side within possible earshot of the van, but on the other hand bad, because they were quite clearly forming their own Parker Fan club.

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