Chapter 12 Why Do Fools Fall In Love

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Well that couldn't have been any clearer. Crazies. I felt cold to the core.

"Look, he doesn't mean that. He's pissed that's all. It's been a really bad year. Being a dick is his go to response lately. Let's get out of here. I really need to talk to you about Ren anyway."

That bought me back a bit "What's up with Ren?"

"Not here. Come on, Jay let's get a drink."

We went to pick up his car. Well I wobbled and he gallantly guided me by the elbow not saying a word.

Definitely not a good idea. That was going to eat away at me all night.

I felt hollow. Okay, I knew in the beginning it was a long shot, but then I had hope, now I had none. You see, hope, even a small amount of it, fills you up and keeps you warm. Once it's extinguished there is nothing, just its absence, a cold hole.

I hadn't really been paying attention to where we were going. We hadn't gone far though, just pulled up on the promenade outside a pub called The Lifeboat. It looked far from alive though. I really didn't imagine this to be Taylor's scene. It wasn't a tourist spot. It was old-fashioned. It didn't serve food, had no beer garden for children, families definitely weren't welcome and there was just one empty picnic bench outside for smokers. We were near the shops, flats and houses known as The Rows .

Where Parker lived. Ouch.

Taylor open the creaky door and ushered me inside. There were only a couple of locals sat drinking pints of real ale. One had an old dog at his feet, they both watched us enter with baleful eyes.

"What can I get ya?" the barman directed his question to Taylor, who raised his eyebrows at me. This didn't look like the kind of place that served 'sex on the beach' and I didn't fancy my chances with beer so I answered "Coke " instead.

"Make that two," Taylor said .The barman look confused as if asking for something non alcoholic was sacrilege.

"It's Pepsi is that alright?" The barman looked expectant, as if it would make the world of difference. I nodded ok. What was it with the English pubs? Even in a place like this they added ice and a slice of lemon. Taylor took the drinks and looked for a place to sit.

"Can we sit outside please?" I whispered. The carpet in here had definitely seen better days. Without the smell of nicotine masking the grime,the place stank.

Heading outside we sat side-by-side looking out across the road to the beach and dark ocean. I could see the back of the shower block to my right.

Only yesterday I had watched Parker shower there. Ouch again.

"I'm sorry about the venue. It's just most of the island is packed this time of year and I don't want to run into anyone."

Great thanks. Its okay I get it, another person that doesn't wanna be seen with me. I started to tear at the edges of the beer mat in front of me.

"Not because I don't want to be seen with you, but because I want to have a confidential chat about Ren."

Oh no was my desperation really that transparent? He was only saying that to be nice anyway. "What about Ren?" I might have sounded a little defensive.

"I know all about the little spy plan."

"What spy plan?" I tried.

"I know you two are new friends, but I've known Ren forever. She is more than a little crazy when it comes to her father and he's more than a little crazy. Period."

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