S for Surrender

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"Pumpkin, rest well, okay? Wait for me here while I take care of the rest" I looked over at my twin brother Sungoh, "Please look after him for me while I'm away. I'm counting on you, bro"

Jungkook is now at my apartment after his release from hospital. The only person I could depend on right now is my older twin brother, at least till Jungkook's mum gets back and till I managed to save Jimin and Yoongi hyung from those jerks. I shoved in a few more clothes inside my backpack just in case this saving mission is going to take longer than expected. I made a call to Hoseok hyung to assist me.

Hyung! Where are you?

I'm on my way to your house.

Okay hurry up, hyung! I don't want to waste anymore time.

You're not the only one, okay see you.

I ended the call. Jungkook frowned as he sees me packing. "Tae? Promise me you'll come back?" His eyes became teary, but he was strong enough to hold it back.

"I promise, pumpkin" I kissed his forehead, "Promise me you'll wait for me to come back?"

"I promise, honey" he cupped my cheeks and pull me in for a tender kiss. "Don't you worry okay? Sungoh will take care of you" I smiled.

"Hey come here" he patted his lap which I gently sat on, "Say something I'll never forget"

I stayed quiet for a short moment. A typical answer would be I love you but Jungkook knows well that's not me.

"Hmmmm" I continued humming, leaving him curious. "I have no idea" I teased. Jungkook playfully smacked my back, "Kim Taehyung!" He pouted. I continued laughing at how cute his pouty face is, "Chubby bunny" I pinched his cheeks, and he flicked my hand away, crossing his arms. "Hmph whatever, get up from my lap please" he looked away from me, letting me have the perfect opportunity to say what I wanted to say.

I stay planted on his lap, leaning closer to him, brushing my lips on his right ear which made him flinch a little. "You want me to say something you'll never forget right?" I could feel his nervous heartbeat, beating faster and faster. "Y-yes of c-course! He stuttered, how cute. He was mad earlier and now he's anxious.

"Okay listen well" I whispered to his ears, "I want to grow old with you, Jeon Jungkook. And once I come back, I'll make sure you're a Kim and no longer a Jeon" hearing that, he knew what I meant. He shifted his head back at me, to stare deep into my eyes. "You're so precious, Tae"

I giggled as he leaned closer to nuzzle my nose, "Yup I know right" I winked at him and he pushed me down, "Don't be too boastful now" he pretended to be mad but the smile that form on his face defeated the purpose.

"How cute can the two of you be?" Sungoh commented, leaning against my room door. He shook his head with a wide smile plastered on his face, "Tae, your friend is here. He's waiting downstairs" He left the room after conveying the message.

I took my bag, adjust myself one final time, making sure I brought everything I needed. Jungkook tugged on the side of my shirt, gazing up to me with his big dolly eyes which I can never resist looking away.

"Do you really have to go?" He asked in a sad tone.

"Yes pumpkin. I'll be back before you know it alright?" I bend down a little to level with him. "Pinky promise?" He mimicked the voice of the little girl from despicable me.

"Oh yes, my pinky promises" while I mimicked the voice of Gru which made him crack a laugh. I love seeing him happy, that's like one of my main priorities in life. To make sure that bright smile never leave his face.

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