The Past

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Let's juggernaut down memory lane, shall we?

One year ago

Just like any typical Sunday evening, the couples went out for a double date. They decided to check out the new circus in town since the circus crew will only be here for a month before moving to another destination.

"Baby, I'm afraid of clowns" Jungkook admitted to Taehyung who comforted the little one saying that clowns are funny, silly and cute. That there's nothing to be afraid of so he started doing wacky faces just to calm down his precious pumpkin.

The Jihope couple on the other hand, was more than thrilled for the circus show to start. While waiting, they went around the parade to buy some candy floss and popcorn. It was a merry atmosphere. Kids running around, people giving our colored helium balloons.

"I want one please" Taehyung cutely grinned at the balloon man who was dressed in a rainbow polka dot suit. The man gave him one blue coloured balloon and the first thing Taehyung did was suck in the helium.

"Hey I want one too!" Jimin butted in. Soon all of them had a balloon, sucking in helium, speaking with their cartoony high pitched voices. Those dorks were so high in helium, the maknae almost stumble to the floor but Taehyung managed to catch him.

"Guys, it's almost 8pm. The show will start soon!" Hoseok reminded us all and soon people start storming in the circus tent. It's your typical sphere shaped circus tent with a ring at the centre. Once everything was seated, the ringmaster steps in.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages" he welcomed us and continued "Welcome to the greatest show on earth! The circus is about to begin! Please seat back and enjoy" he bowed down and announced the first act which was this clown faced man who was juggling fire rods, along with a few more clowns.

All of us were planted to our seat, impressed at every single act. An hour passed and it's time for the final act, which was the clown in the beginning who was juggling fire rods but this time it was just a solo performance. He entered the ring, his clown make up was unique. It's funny yet scary. He was about to start his act when all of a sudden, the whole place was pitched black.

Everyone was in panic, the crowd started running out. We on the other hand did the same when there was a loud bang. Holding our lover's hand, we were scared as hell to move a muscle and ducked down as we have no idea where the gun shot was directing at.

Suddenly someone gripped Taehyung's hand, followed by another who held Hoseok's. The boys were afraid but followed the black figures out. The four of them got a clearer view of those who harshly pulled them out but too bad there were wearing a mask to hide their identity. By now the entire place was empty, everyone managed to escape.

"Listen up, boys, do as we say or we will shoot you"

The other one got out, dragging the dead body with him. It was the clown from before! Jungkook almost puked seeing all the blood which oozed out from the body. The boys had no idea why the clown was killed, maybe these two mystery man are assassins. They shot the clown directly in his heart, just by using an evoker. That's some accurate shot there.

By now it's almost 10pm, the place was creepy as hell. All you can hear is creaking sounds of metal, wind rustling making the swings moved by itself as if there's a dead soul swinging it.

The boys were frightened, never did they thought this will happen. All they wanted was to spend a night out in the circus with the love of their life. Never did they thought they will be sitting next to an assassin. The two unknown man led the boys into the woods. The front carrying the body up like a bag of potatoes while the back was pointing a gun to the boys.

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