Convo Five

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Jungkook's POV

Today: 18:00
Taehyung: Jungkook.. I'm sorry..

That was what I read the moment I unlocked my phone, on the way back home as usual. Earlier on when I saw him, I was blown away. Not only is he good looking in his picture but he looks way beyond my expectation in real life.

My secret was almost leaked when I accidentally blurted out 'Hyung' I was glad Hoseok hyung pretended nothing ever happened.

Anyway, I chose to avoid Taehyung for the time being. I need time to think.

Is it really worth it?

He made me feel so rejected the moment I admitted I was a guy. What if I agree to forgive him and get hurt again?

I know you might think it's dumb to develop feelings for someone you only talk to for a week and only saw him once for a mere 5 minutes but I don't know... The matters of the heart is confusing.

I scratched the back of my head as I process in all these thoughts. The moment i step foot at home, I greeted my mum followed by a peck on her forehead. She told me dinner will be ready soon so she asked me to take a quick shower and head back down. I did as told.

"Sweet pea, dinner is ready!" My mum shouted from the kitchen and I quickly headed downstairs.

The smell of Bolognese Pasta diffusing the air, yummy.

"Naww mum, stop calling me sweet pea. I'm not a baby anymore" i pouted.

She ruffled my hair, "You're always a baby in my eyes" she then pinched my cheeks and served dinner. It was only the two of us since the rest of my family members are busy with work and whatever it is they are doing.

After dinner was done, I helped my mum out with the dishes (even though there was nothing much to clean but oh well I love being a good son) I stopped and blankly stared at my mum.

She noticed it, obviously.

"Sweet pea, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, mum. Just looking at your beautiful face" I weakly smiled.

She stepped closer to me, cupping my cheeks, "I know that look. Tell me.. What's wrong?"

I sighed. I can never lie to my mum. I walked over to the living room couch and lazily slouch down. Mum followed suit but oh, what's that I see? She's holding two cups of hot choco in her hands.

Sighpie, my mum really is the best.

She placed it down on the table as we start having our heart to heart conversation.

"Mum.. How do you know if you like/love someone?"

"Hmm, it's when you put their needs before yours. When you notice the littlest things they do for you. When the first thing you think of when you're awake is that person and the last thing you think of before sleep is that person"

"Is that all?

"No sweet pea, there's more but you need to experience it to know better"

I looked down and fiddled with my fingers, "Mum?"

"Yes?" She placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Is it worth it to accept someone again when they've hurt you the first time?"

"Sweet pea, look at me" she slowly brought my chin up and explained..

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for"

She gently smiled at me and pat my head. "Now drink up, the hot choco's getting cold. I know it always cheers you up"

We both drink our hot choco and I gave my mum a tight hug, "Thanks mum, you're the best. I love you"

She kissed my forehead and after saying goodnight to her, I went back up to my room. It's currently half past 9 and I don't have any assignments to do today. I still don't want to talk to Taehyung. I need more time so I decided to go to the same web chat as I did before.

I login to the online chat, there were many people wanting to chat but someone by the username of BlankBoy perked my attention (basically cause it sounds innocent enough) he said hello~

I replied back a hello, sup?

Let's just see how it goes from here.

Taehyung's POV

It's half past 9 and Jungkook still hasn't reply when he obviously read it. He blue ticked me. I wanted to send another message but forget it, he'll probably think I'm desperate.

Since I was done with my assignments for the day and I got nothing to do, i login to the online chat. I saw a familiar username online Kookie97. I clicked on his name and said hello~

5 minutes passed, no replies. The 6th minute..
Kookie97: Hello, sup?

He replied! I guess he doesn't know it's me since i used a different username today.

BlankBoy: Nothing. I'm bothered by something.

Kookie97: Me too, you umm wanna share?

BlankBoy: How about you start first? (:

Kookie97: Hmm alright. There's this guy I've been talking to for a week now. I saw him earlier today, he was so good looking. I just.. Damn.. I just.. Eh hem okay I should stop now

BlankBoy: Hahaha I see. Erm.. Do you like him?

Kookie97: Maybe? I'm avoiding him for now though.

BlankBoy: Oh. Why's that?

Kookie97: He found out I'm a guy.. Wait before I continue, you're not against homosexuals are you?

BlankBoy: Ani ani, don't worry (:

Kookie97: Okay so he made me feel so rejected. I spammed him so many messages but not even one reply, sigh and all he said at the end was he's sorry

BlankBoy: So do you forgive him?

Kookie97: I don't know. I need more time.

BlankBoy: Hmm maybe give him a chance? Who knows he likes you too?

Kookie97: You think so?

BlankBoy: Well judging from what you story, the fact that he apologized shows his regret so err yeah..

Kookie97: You're right but still.. Let me think about it

BlankBoy: Alright (:

Kookie97: Thanks for listening man. You're so easy to talk to, kinda remind me of him. Sigh I really miss him

BlankBoy: Then tell him

Kookie97: But I'm afraid of getting rejected again

BlankBoy: You won't be

Kookie97: How can you be so sure?

BlankBoy: People don't take second chances for granted.

Kookie97: .... I'll think about it. Thank you. Gtg now, we chat more tomorrow? Night.

BlankBoy: Sure, till tomorrow (: night

Little does he know it was me all along.

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