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I guess they found out about me. Sheesh, I'm sure all you guys know it too as well right? Fine I'm the stranger. Well originally my name doesn't start with S but a Y instead. My nickname begins with S though, everything else that explains myself starts with an S too like swag, sexy, snob, skinny, sloppy, sluggish.

To sum up, I'm a full-time sloth. I can sleep, see, yet another S word, all day long. Some even mention I should just marry my bed already.

Remember I used to talk to you guys and I end it by saying With hate, Stranger? Well those are letters which soon those dorks would find out about it. Most probably my roommate next door will pass it to them. Sheesh wait, why am I telling you guys all these highly confidential information? Hmm whatever it doesn't matter since my secret is leaked anyway.

Yes, I thought there were the ones who took part in my uncle's murder basically cause I can't see the other two masked faces. In my mind, I thought that the masked faces were the mastermind and the dorks were their minions who will gladly obey their master but I guess I was wrong.

I have proof with myself though. One of them, the maknae one? Pulled out one of the mystery guy's beanie. What the little one forgot to do was to actually discard that beanie or at least keep it to himself in case someone found out so yes, that 'someone' who happened to find out about it was me.

I gently picked up the beanie from the dirty ground with a small cloth I have, as to not leave any fingerprints on it but whoops, guess whose fingerprints are on it? Yes, the maknae. I still have the beanie in my bag as we speak.

Why am I holding a grudge you might wonder? Simple. The body has been found but they have yet to catch the murderers. Tell me if that is fair. Tell me if that serves justice to my uncle. Tell me am I right or wrong.

He was the only uncle who truly believed in me. He never give up but instead shower me with patience and love. He's more of a dad to me than my own biological dad. My parents, heck, they don't care about me. They think I'm a shame to them because I was involved in drugs so they kick me out but did they ever stop to wonder why I was involved in those in the first place? Did they ever wonder that maybe 'Oh my son probably needs our love and attention'? Did they ever stop to wonder that a stuck up kid like me needs supportive people by their side so he could go through 24 hours of his day with a smile?


Have you ever felt that nobody cared for you? As if whatever they do seemed fake to you? They may shower you with smiles and hugs but all you see is nothing but an act. Then again, you tell yourself that things would take its turn. That maybe one day, an angelic soul would magically fall down from the sky, and yes it did when I first met Park Jimin.

He was the only person who look pass through me. The only person who didn't shot me with a judgmental look since I was always dressed in black with my hoodie hovering over my head, hands tucked in on my side pockets, looking down or shooting glares at people when passing down the school hallways. No, to Jimin, I'm just another ordinary school boy who needs a friend.

We weren't in the same classroom since I'm a senior by 2 years but we were all in the same basketball team along with his alien best friend, Kim Taehyung. I swear that Jimin is one of the nicest soul you can ever meet in your life. He's a reflection of my dead uncle. Never did Jimin shove me aside nor push me out his life. He stayed by my side telling me that he'll always be by my side if I ever needed a friend to talk to.

I felt my life slowly change from there but sadly, Jimin is taken by Jung Hoseok so I prevented myself from having any feelings for him. I drew a line between friends and more than friends.

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