Convo Four

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Damn.. Was the only word I could utter after hearing that voice. His voice. I tossed my phone aside as soon as I got home, ignoring it as long as I can. I decided to take a nice long shower, even after I'm done, I don't even take a glance at my phone.

Heck it. Whatever.

I focused on my assignments instead. I didn't even bother checking up on my phone before bed when actually, I usually do it. I was just so angry at myself for being so naive and believing it was a she throughout the whole week we talked.

Why can't Kookie just tell me the truth? Is it cause he has feelings for me and is afraid to admit the truth because I already made it damn clear that if Kookie is a guy, we would just be friends?

But wouldn't that be good? We are both guys. It's only natural we stay friends.

Unless.. He's gay?

Brr.. I shrugged at the thought of that and decided to call it a night after too much thinking.

Sleep it off, Taehyung, sleep it off.

My morning routines are as per normal. Wake up 630 in the morning, take a shower, get ready and head out. No time for breakfast since my class starts at 8am. Having to go through the same tedious routines every morning in the train, people pushing each other just to have more space or rushing in before the train door closes. I sometimes can't help but think of myself as such a loser.. I sighed as I alight the train at Dover station, it's where my school is located.

While slowly making my way to class, I finally checked my phone to see spam messages from Kookie and one from Jimin.

Time stamp: 21:00, yesterday
Kookie: Hey look.. I'm sorry
Kookie: I should have tell you the truth
Kookie: You there?
Kookie: Sigh.. So what if I'm a guy.. Is it so wrong to talk to me now?
Kookie: Taehyung... Please
Kookie: Why are you not replying me..
Kookie: Sigh, it's okay.. Night

Time check: 7:30
Kookie: Morning, you're online but you still won't speak to me huh?
Kookie: Hais.. Fine. Have a good day. Sorry I'm such a bother.

I don't why but I can't help but to feel sorry. Am I being too hard on him? I sighed. I then back from his chat and pressed on Jimin's instead.

Time stamp: 22:00, yesterday
Jimin: Taeeeee accompany me somewhere after school tomorrow! Since we are having different timetable today.. Meet me at our school's cafeteria once you're done!

I simply replied an "Alright sure" to Jimin and totally ignored Kookie's messages.

As planned, I went to meet with Jimin as soon as I'm done with my last period. He was looking hip-hop like with his baggy jeans and oversized sweater. He saw me and greeted me with a simple "Yo"

"Sup, J. Where are we going?"

"Don't ask, just follow"

I rolled my eyes and followed him. As usual, when I'm with Jiminie the annoying one, we can never talk serious. It'll always be filled with nonsense and laughter but yeah, he is my best friend and I hope our friendship last cause when it comes to someone who can protect me, I would definitely place my bets on Jimin cause he understands me inside out.

We boarded the train and alighted at a stop called Bugis. We then walked a couple of miles to a school building? I wasn't sure because it says Laselle.

I nudged Jimin and asked, "Dude, you ask me to accompany you to an art exhibition?"

He laughed, "You pabo. Can't you see it clearly states Laselle SCHOOL of the arts?"

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