S for Sorry

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Taehyung's POV

You need to come to the hospital right now!

Woah Tae, calm down! What happened!

Y-Yoongi hyung, he's at the hospital! In critical condition!

Omo! Okay I'll come down this instant!

Yes, the person I saw was none other than Yoongi. I've no idea why he's such in bad shape. His right leg is fractured judging from the leg cast which covered his entire leg. Bandages on his left arm and don't even let me get started on how wrecked his neck is.

"Ahhhh please doctor, it hurts!" He screamed in pain yet again and the doctors had no choice but to inject a pain-relieving serum to calm him down, to forget the pain for that temporary moment.

Another scream was heard but from another room. "Doctor! Doctor! What's happening to me! Why can't I walk!" It was my pumpkin! I scurried over next door to see him hissing in pain on the floor, feeling all helpless. He must have stumble while trying to make an attempt to walk out the room.

The nurses aided him up, together with me and we positioned him back up to bed, making sure we are as gentle as possible since his bone is still brittle and weak. A doctor came into the room to examine Jungkook who blankly stared at his feet.

"Doctor" he asked in a flat tone, "What's wrong with me?"

"Mr Kim didn't tell you?" The doctor then diverted his attention to me. I looked away as a sign that I have yet to convey the bad news.

The doctor sighed before relaying the message, "Listen Jungkook, you can't-" I quickly cut him mid sentence and told him that I'll be the one to say this out. The doctor understood, leaving the two of us alone in the room.

"Pumpkin, whatever I'm gonna say out right now. Please don't be mad okay?" Jungkook, who still had his blank expression on, simply nodded twice as response.

"The operation was successful, yes but you can't walk anymore" I immediately avoided eye contact because I couldn't help but feel that this is entirely my fault since I was the one who convinced him to go for surgery.

Sitting at the edge of his bed, I could see his expression change from blankness to sadness in a blink. I sat closer to him, I wanted to place my hand on his but I figured this wasn't the right time.

"Look, I'm so sorry-"

"No" he cut me off "It's not your fault, Tae"

"But I was the one who persuaded you to go for surgery. It's all my fault.. It's all my-"

I couldn't help myself and started crying. The only sound which echoed through the room was my sobs but I felt a warm, comforting hand rubbing my back. "Hey love, please don't cry. You only wanted me to go for surgery because you care. I don't blame you" he then turn my chin to face his so we were now making eye contact.

"Taehyung, I'll be fine. With you by my side, that's all I need to recover well" he smiled ever so sweetly at me, wiping off the tears on my cheeks. "Jungkook.. What did I ever do to deserve someone as amazing as you?" I leaned closer, leaving a peck on his lip.

"You always did your best, that's what" he ruffled my hair before continuing, "So I'm not going to allow one mistake to change that. I love you, Kim Taehyung"

"I love you more than you can imagine, Jeon Jungkook" we lock lips for a couple of seconds before a knock on the door interrupted us.

"Hey guys, glad to see you're doing fine Jungkook" Jimin smiled at the young one, taking a seat next to me, "So what happened to Yoongi hyung?"

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