Convo One

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It was a lonely Sunday afternoon. I'm home alone staring blankly on my laptop. I kept tapping my finger profusely on my lap figuring out what to do for the rest of the day, home alone.

Then I decided to go to a chatting website. Who knows I might meet some interesting people. I tried talking to a couple of ladies, trying to swoon them with my sweet words but nah, it didn't work. Plus the ladies were too old for me and all they wanted to talk about was... Sex. Eww. I'm not surprised since this is a chatting website, 90% old dirty talkers and only 10% clean, nice chatters.

How I hope I find someone amongst that 10%. Tough luck, I said to myself. I lean back on my computer chair and spin around, groaning, "Loner, Taehyung. What a boring life you have" sarcastically saying that to myself.

I sighed and turned back my attention to the laptop when I saw someone named Kookie. He/she said, "Hey there (:" so I decided to go with the flow, not caring whether it's a he or she since I was so bored. This was how our conversation went...

"Hey back. So I guess you're a girl, Kookie?"

"Hah that's for me to know and for you to find out (;"

"Hahaha alright, Kookie. So what brings you here?"

"I'm bored, tryna kill time you know. How about you? And your name is?"

"I'm Taehyung. Tae for short. Hmm I guess I don't mind making friends here"

"I don't mind either. You sound alright to me. At least you didn't start the convo with, "Hey up for sex? Those people are just.. Ugh. I'm a 97 liner btw"

"Ahh maknae. I'm 95 liner. And I know right! Sexual thirsty adults. Pfft"

"Hahaha yeah and also you know..."

Our convo continued for pretty long. Without realizing, almost 2 hours flew by and we talked about random stuffs like school, interest, hobbies. Im glad I finally met someone in that 10% range. What's more he/she is just 2 years apart from me. From the way he/she talked, I'm sure that person is damn cute.

Oh in case you're wondering, the chat room I go to doesn't showcase our profile pictures or anything. It's simply people randomly chatting with each other.

So then I decided to ask Kookie this...

"Hey umm Kookie, do you mind uh if we, uh.. Exchange numbers?"

"Erm.. Since we've been talking well so far then yeah sure but no spamming!"

"Haha no worries. I won't spam your whatsapp. Im not those desperate guys you know. I'm just a friendly alien trying to make friends"

"Alien? Hahahaha say what? Anyway there you go ********"

So we exchanged numbers and I started whatsapping.

Taehyung: Hey Kookie, Tae here (:
Kookie: Hey Tae!
Taehyung: Wow even here I don't see a picture of you? Just tell me, are you a he or she?
Kookie: Nope, for me to know and for you to find out :p

I guess my boring life just got interesting.

A/N: Hey guys so yup I decided to make a new Vkook fanfic. Was daydreaming and remembered a book I read years back, was inspired by that so i decided to do this. Hope you guys will support this story as well!

For my other fanfic, truth or dare, I will update on that soon (: thank you readers as always *bows down*

And so glad bts is happy again. Feel so proud of them. We are bulletproof, baby!


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