Convo Two

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It's been a couple of days and Kookie still hasn't revealed his/her gender. Kookie's whatsapp profile picture is a flower, a red rose to be exact so as far as I'm concern, Kookie's a female. I mean which dude would put flowers as their profile picture? Well, not me.

Since I'm pretty much confident Kookie's a she, I decided to continue talking to her. Or him, gaaah whatever it is. I'm gonna stick to 'her' for now. I like talking to Kookie. Everyday without fail when I'm not busy with my school assignments, I'll hit her a text or vice versa.

I'm finally done with school, taking the train back home from SP (Singapore Poly). Oh I'm a 3rd year student, studying accountancy. It's definitely stressful, alright? What's worse, our 3rd year would be our project assignment plus work attachments.

On my way back home, I decided to sent Kookie a text. I wonder what she's doing.

Time stamp: 19:00
Taehyung: Hey Kookie^^

30 minutes passed but still not replies, guess she's busy with school.

Time stamp: 20:00
Kookie: Hey Tae! Sorry for the late reply, I was having dinner with my family earlier. I'm free to talk now! But sadly for awhile cause I've homework *cries*

Finally she replied an hour later, I squealed.

Time stamp: 20:05
Taehyung: It's okay! Speaking of family, how many siblings do you have?

Kookie: 2! Eldest bro and older sis. My older sis loves to bully me and we usually argue non stop over petty things hmph.

Taehyung: Hahaha argue over clothes I bet? Cause that's what girls usually do.

Kookie: Err.... Yeah! Heh :p

Taehyung: Kookie?

Kookie: Ne?

Taehyung: You're a girl, right?

Kookie: Hmm...

Taehyung: Hmm what?

Kookie: Of course I am, silly. Pfft *whatever emoji*

Taehyung: So I am right! :D

Kookie: But what if, just what IF.. I'm a guy?

Taehyung: Then we'll stop talking. Not being rude but I don't mind a guy friend. Just friends. Period.

Kookie: Ah I see...

Taehyung: So you're tryna say you're a guy?

Kookie: No I'm not, you pabo! Just asking. Hmph. Umm can I ask you a random qns?

Taehyung: Ne?

Kookie: Do you think we will ever meet up and if we do, what are we from there? Like are we still gonna remain like this or more than that?

Taehyung: We will meet up! Heh! What are we from there? Hmm.. You decide. Cause i want you as my gf. But idk about you.

Kookie: Woah you're one honest guy, aren't ya. Girlfriend huh? We'll see (:

Taehyung: Hahaha! So what happens in the future depends on you :p

Kookie: Hehe of course! You're so cute, yknow that?

Taehyung: Well of course! Don't forget handsome (;

Kookie: Hahaha okok I gtg, there's homework *cries* talk again tomorrow?

Taehyung: Hais alright sure thing babe (:

And that's how our convo went for today. Even though it was a short one hour chat, it was still worth it. I hope I get to meet Kookie soon one fine day.

Jungkook's POV

It's only been a couple of days since we exchange texts after the chatting on the net. Frankly, I like talking to him. Our convos are never boring. Without fail, he'll text me first, well usually.

Sometimes I do when I'm not busy but well I just entered Laselle College. It's an Arts school. I'm a first year student taking Diploma in Dance so I pretty much am preoccupied since I've to get used to the environment and such.

Today Taehyung texted me and without fail, I'll smile seeing his name on my notifications. I replied after dinner with my family but our conversation was short and sweet today since I had piles of assignment to do. Yes, despite being in dance. I've to practice and whatnot.

After we stopped texting and I divert back my attention to my assignments, I sighed thinking back at what he said.

So he thinks I'm a girl, huh?

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