Secret note 2

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Both Taehyung and Jungkook plopped themselves on the bed the moment they got back from Wendy's. "I'm so full" the younger one groaned, putting his arms over his boyfriend's slim body who was staring blankly at the wall.

"Who do you think did it?" Jungkook who had his face buried on his boyfriend shoulder looks up worriedly at him as Taehyung continued talking.

"I mean, the stranger knows all of us. Whoever he/she is. One of us is bait? Is the stranger referring to Jimin? Since the note was pasted on his room?"

There was so many unanswered questions popping out from Taehyung's head. As he continued, Jungkook listened attentively while stroking his boyfriend's hair.

"Are you worried about Jimin?"

"Not only him. I'm more worried about you, pumpkin"

"I'm more worried for you, babe. The stranger is lurking around your campus" Jungkook tighten the hug before both of them got up from their lying position.

"Let's not think about it for now okay? Why not I help you relax" Jungkook hovered over to the back to give Tae a wonderful back massage. He could feel Taehyung's tense muscles starting to lighten up as he could see him shutting his eyes.

Jungkook knows that means two things, it's either he's enjoying it or he's sleeping. Just to be sure, he tilt his head forward and gently kissed Taehyung's lips who gladly responded.

Ah, he's awake.

Taehyung chuckled as both of them pulled away from the kiss. "Don't worry, I wasn't sleeping okay? You know you always give the best massages" with that comment, Jungkook crashed their lips together. What started out passionately, turned into a hot heated kiss.

"Feel better now?" Jungkook comforted as they lock eyes.

"Continue massaging please" Taehyung loves to be pampered by his boyfriend. Jungkook couldn't help but to feel mesmerized by his cuteness and continued massaging.

Taehyung let out soft moans of Aaaah, Ooooh, yes that's the spot, yes there kookie, harder, aaaahhh yes!

"Are you two having sex again?" Jimin knocked on the door "Aish whatever, get dressed and come over quick! Urgent!"

"Ugh, this pabo just had to spoil our private moment" Taehyung hesitantly got up together with Jungkook and went over to Jimin's room.

"This better be good, Jimin. I want to get back to having 'sex'" Taehyung said sarcastically.

Hearing that tone, Jimin knows exactly what it means. They weren't doing it, he misunderstood so he apologized. Taehyung simply hummed as response, telling him to forget about it. It just gets annoying at times for Jimin to think that his best friend always thinks about having sex when that's not true at all.

Most times, Taehyung truly wants to spend quality time with Jungkook just conversing, snuggling up into each other's embrace or simply just stare into each other's eyes and be mesmerized because yes, Taehyung loves his pumpkin so very much. Ever since the day he was given a second chance, never did he take it for granted.

Plus, Jungkook gets more charming as days goes by, loving Taehyung with all his heart, takes extra care of him when he falls sick, makes awesome hot chocolate which never fail to make Taehyung jump up and down his seat the moment he smell the aroma of hot choco diffuse the air and let's not forget, Jungkook has a lot of aegyo alright, which is definitely Taehyung's biggest weakness.

Other days, during autumn season, they will go to the park and feed the pigeons. I swear even though Taehyung acts all alien from the outside, he definitely is an 'old soul' on the inside. The things and dates he planned with Jungkook is usually something unique, way beyond your imagination.

Back to the story, Jimin was pointing to yet another note. This time, it came in a letter. The stranger must have slipped it under the door while they were away for dinner. All four of them was now circling around Jimin.

To my sweet chim chim

Hoseok's expression starts to become gloomy when he read that. Jimin obviously noticed but continued reading it aloud.

Do you know how adorable you are? I wonder why people love bullying you when you're the most precious little gem ever. The way you run around the school halls, the way you irritate your best friend. What's his name? Kim Taehyung? Yes, the handsome alien dude, who was first so confused with his sexuality but ended up falling for the lovely maknae, Jeon Jungkook, was it? One of the best dancers together with his hyung, Jung Hoseok. The ball of sunshine who radiate rays of hope to everyone around him. You guys are the famous four, who wouldn't know about you? But me? I know EVERYTHING. I may even spill secrets to make you guys break apart because yes one of you or should I say each of you has a secret of his own. Like they say, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.
- Stranger

Once again, they exchanged terrified looks with each other. Jimin crushed the paper into a ball and toss it in the bin.

"This isn't funny anymore" Jimin slammed his fist on the study desk. Hoseok rubbed his back to try calm him down.

"We have to find this 'stranger', whoever the heck he/she is" Jimin continued, still feeling angsty especially the fact that the note kept appearing in his room instead of Taehyung's. It just made him a tad more scared that maybe he is the 'bait' the stranger was referring to.

The atmosphere in the room filled with intensity, Taehyung was pacing back and fourth trying to figure out a plan. Despite being an alien, he's pretty smart so don't underestimate him.

"Sleep over at my room tonight, all of you. Let's see if this 'stranger' will appear" the rest of them nodded in agreement. Hoseok and Jimin brought along their pillows and the extra mat provided by the school. Once they were done, Jimin took a second glance on his room to make sure it was all in place.

It was almost midnight, the four of them were all gathered in Taehyung's room.

"So what's the plan?" Hoseok asked.

"We wait" was Taehyung's simple reply.

Now it was a quarter to midnight, the whole campus was asleep. The only lights on are those rooms who were still awake but besides that, the hallway lights are orange dim. Jimin immediately switch off the lights as they started to hear footsteps coming towards their direction.

Even though the maknae loves horror movies, he had his face buried on Taehyung's chest and was slightly shaking as the footsteps got closer and closer. Taehyung tighten the embrace and whisper comforting words to his pumpkin to try stop him from trembling.

Hoseok started to shiver because he is faint hearted when it comes to all these shocking scenes, what's more their room was pitch dark, so Jimin comforted by holding his lover's hand, slowly moving forward to look through the peephole. Not too close nor far, as the stranger might see.

His eyes widen a little when he saw someone standing outside his door, wearing all black from head to toe. The stranger was attempting to do yet another trick which Jimin couldn't figure out what, since the lights outside were so dim.

Before leaving, the stranger made a 180 degree turn to Taehyung's room. Now is my chance to see the stranger's face! Jimin thought to himself but was horror-struck when all he saw was a bloody horrifying clown face.

The left side of its face is black in color while the right is chalk white, beady eyes red in color. A row of long jagged fang-like teeth lines the person's mouth, lips which are ruby red in color appear to be in a perpetual grin.

Jimin who was still terror-stricken since he was so close to that petrifying sight, stood there paralyzed trying to process that image.

"Babe?" Hoseok tugged on Jimin's shirt.

The only sound that echoed through the room next, was a thud.

A/N: So sorry guys if my previous chapter sucked, sigh I hope this makes it up. Just to explain, hello stranger part two is gonna be more of a thrill & mystery but of course I won't forget the love side of the story especially Vkook!


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