Convo Eight

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Jungkook's POV

I felt happy that Tae and I are in good terms again. You might wonder why I can forgive and accept him back that easily, huh? Well, I'll briefly explain then.

During my heart to heart talk with mum the other day, I truly pondered hard on her words and she's right. Everyone is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for so in my case, I believe that Taehyung was worth it.

Thus, ends my brief explanation. Moving on, today is Friday so which means I finally get to meet Tae for our date tomorrow! Ever since we patch things up on Monday, we have been talking pretty well, even better actually.

We got to know each other in depth. I noticed how Tae keeps talking about his obsession with cute animals and how he would love to own a cat or dog of his own but sadly, his brother are allergic to them so they can't own one.

On my bus ride home from school, I took out my manga comic to read. I was so immersed in the story that I almost missed my stop! Before heading home, I decided to stop by the mall and head to 'Comics Connection' to get something for Tae for our date tomorrow. One more thing about him, he loves anime. He never fail to watch at least one episode each day.

Since he ends class earlier than usual on Fridays, I decided to hit him a text before entering the store.

Time stamp: 1700
Kookie: Taetaeeeee~ I'm so looking forward for tomorrow!

After hitting sent, I asked the shopkeeper whether Fairy Tail was still available. He politely replied saying that it's located on the first top right shelf. I browsed through the shelf and there were so many volumes! Wonder which one I should get? After minutes of thinking, I decided to get the special edition.

I felt a vibration in my pocket as I walk to the counter to make payment. After receiving back my change, I thanked the shopkeeper and took my phone out to read Tae's reply. I couldn't help but smile as I slowly walk back home.

Taehyung's POV

Ugh, school sucked today. Our lecturer doubled our assignments and expect us to finish it by end of this week. Finish up an accounting assignment within 2 days? Impossible, especially if you aren't much of a smartass like me for example.

Plus I still got my date and that special 'surprise' tomorrow. It frustrates me even more but thinking about it does calm me down though since I get to see Jungkook. I wouldn't want to mess things up again. He gave me a second chance and I make sure, with my whole heart, I won't take things for granted and treat him well.

It was now 5pm and all of us were done packing and ready to run out of class to look forward to the weekend but my annoying lecturer always have something to announce.

"Alright class. Make sure you get all the assignment done by this week! I expect to see a stack of papers on my desk, Monday morning! That's all, class dismiss"

I dashed out from class together with Jiminie. I dug out my phone to see a message from Kookie and I smiled brightly as I typed back a reply.

Time stamp: 1715
Taehyung: Kookieeee~ yes yes me too! And hey, I miss you (:

"You look chirpy all of a sudden. Earlier on, you were gloomy as hell in class" Jimin laughed and I punched his stomach.

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