Secret Note 3

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It was close to an hour before Jimin gain consciousness. Hoseok has already carried him to Taehyung's bed the moment he blacked out. With the lights back on, the room was bright but the atmosphere was still creepy since it is 1am now, the entire campus was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"W-what did you see, Jimin?" You can sense the shakiness in Taehyung's voice. The rest of them looking at him with worry plastered on their faces.

"B-blood... R-red... C-clown..." Jimin couldn't process the words out so Hoseok suggested to let him rest for the night. They all should. The younger ones nodded. One of them went to switch off the lights, thus it was pitch black again so for tonight, Taehyung let his best friend and lover to conquer his bed while Jungkook and him snuggle up like a ball on the extra mat.

"T-Tae, I'm scared" Jungkook couldn't stop trembling especially after witnessing what happened to Jimin. The only image Jungkook could thought of in his head was that he saw something terrifying, even worse than those seen in horror movies.

"Don't you worry, pumpkin. I'm here" he kisses Jungkook on the lips to reassure him. The maknae has a habit of burying his head on Taehyung's chest when he sleeps so he did just that, purring softly like a kitty. Slowly, each of them fell asleep but none had a good night's sleep.

It was orientation week for the 95 liners. It's to get to know the campus, professors and classmates better. They can choose not to go but it's definitely better to. Orientation starts at 9am but all of them woke up way earlier than they're supposed to. Thank God, Jimin is slightly better today.

"Hey guys, I bought McDonald's breakfast for everyone"

Hoseok looked really tired, guess he must have woken up around 6 in the morning just to get breakfast for the younger ones. He's really such a kind-hearted person, no wonder Jimin loves him. The rest still looked gloomy so Hoseok lay out all the breakfast platter on the study desk, open it up, letting the aroma of savory pancakes diffuse the room.

"Come on guys, we need to eat to regain energy. Please don't let me lecture you little ones early morning" Hoseok was referring to Jungkook and Taehyung who was still rooted to their sleeping spot. The maknae, who couldn't resist good food, got up and walk towards the yummy pancakes.

"Thank you, hyung" Jungkook then motioned Taehyung to come over and sit next to him for breakfast. Oh don't worry, they have already brush their teeth. The alien one thanked his hyung who replied with a bright smile as always. Everyone needs a ray of hope in every group, what would we do without them.

As the taekook couple settled down, eating their breakfast, Hoseok took one platter to bring over to Jimin.

"Feeling better?"

"Yes slightly and thanks, babe. You didn't have to-"

Hoseok cut him off, "I don't have to but I want to. Now say ahh"

Jimin opened up his mouth and his lover gladly fed him pancake, spread with sweet maple syrup and butter. A couple more mouthfuls and breakfast was all done. Hoseok made sure all the younger ones had eaten especially Jimin, now it was his turn. Seriously, how thoughtful can this guy be.

The other couple has already cleaned up and was now sitting on the bed infront of Jimin and Hoseok who was having his breakfast on bed. There was still an hour and a half left before orientation starts. Since Jimin was better now, it was time for him to story to them what he saw yesterday.

"So buddy, ready to tell us what you saw?" Jimin had his arms across a pillow and the rest could see that he was tightly clasping it before telling his story. Hoseok wiped his hands clean and held his lover's hand firm to reassure him that everything is gonna be okay. Jimin muster out the courage, exhaling a deep breath.

"I saw a clown face"

Taehyung started giggling a little and Jungkook slapped his thighs. Taehyung apologized, allowing his best friend to continue.

"The left side of its face is black in color while the right is chalk white, it's beady eyes were red. A row of long jagged fang-like teeth lines the person's mouth, lips which are ruby red in color appear to be in a perpetual grin" the room went all silent, Jimin was slightly trembling making Hoseok clutch his lover's hand even tighter.

"I don't know, it's either the person is one helluva good makeup artist or that is one helluva good mask. I couldn't see whether it's male or female since the person had a hoodie on, wearing black from head to toe like a burglar"

Everyone else was too speechless to speak. They started painting the clown image in their heads. The oldest one spoke up, "Okay that's it, we have to find this sicko"

Just as Hoseok was about to gear himself up to get ready along with the rest, a text message was received by each of them from an unknown source. They read it aloud in sync.

Are you afraid of me? Just look at your faces. It's priceless. This is just the start. Let the games begin.
- Stranger

"How in the world..." Taehyung dropped his phone on the bed. He gather himself together and spoke up, "If a game is what the stranger wants, then let's play along and enjoy the roller coaster ride, shall we?"

From the look on their faces, each of them knew that this is gonna be one helluva thrill ride.

Maybe even a ride to hell.

Stranger's POV

Oh hey hi there. I'm stranger. Pfft of course I won't reveal who I am. You might wonder why I'm hunting them down? Hmm lets just say everyone has secrets. Secrets they won't want anyone else to know but themselves.

You see, one of them has a disease. It's pretty chronic especially if he doesn't go for surgery. The other? Well, he might be cheating on his partner. One common secret they all have is that they buried someone who was murdered. It was a relative of mine. Till today, they managed to get away with that due to a help from a powerful lawyer. Nobody knew where or how the body was buried. Nobody but me.

I told the cops about it but being the messed up teenager I was years back, they didn't believe me. All they said was "Go home to your mummy, kid"

I used to be involved in drugs when I was in high school, I couldn't take the pressure of school, family, financial problems etc. Nobody befriended me except one person. He was kind enough to accept me. To see me pass through my bad boy image.

My uncle, the one who was murdered, works as a circus clown. People think that clowns in general are funny due to their colorful wig, big red round nose and a wide smile painted on their faces. Even so, clowns aren't funny anymore past midnight.

That's the reason why maybe Jimin fainted when he saw me. Maybe he thought it was the person he and his friends buried years ago and came back to haunt him because yes, my uncle still had his clown make up on when they buried him.

Oh don't worry, I was just wearing a mask and no I'm not Joker the clown from Batman neither am I the clown from Saw the movie. One thing common about clowns, they LOVE playing games. The thrill and excitement you put your preys into, it's satisfying. Let's see how well these four dorks can play before its game over.

Whose the bait I was referring to on my first secret note?

It is someone whose name starts with J.

With hate,

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