S for Suffer

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Yoongi's POV

"Let me go! Who are you guys! What are you going to do to me with that knife! Untie me now!"

All that surrounded me was darkness along with two men who was masked, wearing black from head to toe. One was sharpening the knife while the other was reloading his gun with bullets.

Wait a minute.. These two guys looks exactly like the ones on that unfortunate night! Maybe they are the ones who murdered my uncle!

But then again, who am I to assume? I thought it was the four dorks but I got it all wrong and unintentionally hurt them so let's see what happens.

"Let me go!" I shouted. They ignored me.

"I said let me go!" One of them got irritated and pointed the gun at me.

"Shut up! One more word from you and I'll shoot!" He threatened.

Being terribly frightened, I shut myself. The taller one out of the two approached me, with the knife in his hand, trailing it around my neck making me hiss in pain each time the sharp edge dig deeper into my skin.

"I'm sure you're wondering why you're here" the masked stranger spoke as he continued trailing the knife on the other parts of my body, "I'm SO SORRY about your uncle" he said sarcastically followed by a maniacal laugh.

My blood started to boil and I lifted one of my legs to kick him hard in his crotch. Immediately, he fell down on his knees, hissing in pain.

"Why you little-" he pointed the knife to my heart but was stopped by the other.

"Wait Namjoon!"

Oh so that is his name.

"We can't kill him!" He took the knife from Namjoon "Not yet at least" he smirked.

He placed the knife down on the metal tray, replacing with a scalpel. He walked towards me, poking the sharp object deep into my delicate skin. I screamed in pain but he didn't care.

"Shush now. Let me have a little fun with you"

Hoseok's POV

"Jimin please! At least give me one last chance!" I begged him before leaving his dorm room the next morning but he still refused to listen, opening the door waiting for me to leave.

"No, Hoseok. We are over. Now please leave"

I looked down feeling defeated but as soon as I reached the door, I kneel down and begged him once more.

"Please Jimin, I truly love you. I'm so sorry about what I did. Please just-" tears started to stream down my cheeks, Jimin looking at me wide-eyed.

"Please..." I tugged on his leg "Give me one final chance to prove my love to you" I was now a sobbing mess, uncontrollably letting tears flow down.

Jimin knelt down, he had a look of concern plus hatred towards me. I thought he was going to swing yet another slap at me but no, instead he wiped the tears on my right cheek with his thumb.

"D-don't ever do that again. I'm not your master" he then switched to wipe the tears on my left cheek and once all was dry, we both sat down on the floor, receiving weird looks from the students passing down the hallway and he continued speaking, looking at me straight in the eye.

"One last chance, Jung Hoseok. Screw this up and you're permanently out of my life for good, arraso?" He then helped me up, faintly smiling at me but I quickly pulled him in for a hug, whispering a million thank you into his ear.

"So err, can I call you honey again?"

"No" was his simple reply, "Not till I see changes in you"

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