Prologue (HS Part 2)

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Graduation year

"And next up on stage from school of business, diploma in accountancy is Kim Taehyung!" The host announced to the audience.

"Hoseok hyung, I'm so proud of my baby!" Jungkook cheered and cried tears of joy as Taehyung went up stage to receive his graduation certificate together with a bouquet stuffed with a small teddy bear.

"Next up, also in the same class, is Park Jimin!"

Hoseok immediately got up from his seat and roared, "Park Jimin I'm so proud of you!" Jimin blushed hard hearing his boyfriend's remark and quickly got down on stage to join the rest of his class.

All the students from school of business, accountancy, gathered together to take a full graduation photo before all of them tossed their graduation cap to the air and screamed "hooray!" "Freedom at last". Everybody was doing the happy dance, giving warm hugs, congratulating each other, some crying tears of joy, some legit crying since they know it'll be hard to see each other again.

All the memories they shared during these 3 years has already ended. The only thing to do now is to move forward to adulthood maybe further their studies in university, hopefully ending up with a good career and soon to come happy family of their own.

Once they were done exchanging hugs and wishes to each other, they were released to go meet their parents and loved ones. Both Hoseok and Jungkook sprinted towards their partner to give them a tight teddy bear hug, lifting and spinning them around. Yup, despite being the younger one, Jungkook is definitely one strong maknae.

Both the parents of the 95 liners were present too. They couldn't be more than proud to see their sons finally graduating after going through 3 hard years in poly. With their graduation robe on, they took photos with their parents together with their other half. Bright smiles painted in each and everyone of their faces.

"Baby baby, that a photo with me and this pabo over here!"

"I heard that" Jimin said. He scooted over to Taehyung. Jungkook, being the best photographer he always is, snapped pictures of those two jokesters who strike wacky, funny poses. Not forgetting their alien-ish expressions. To top that, there were still on their graduation robe so they looked as if they just graduated from Hogwarts.

Jungkook couldn't help but laugh at them. Even though it was supposed to be the happiest day for the 95 liners, Jungkook felt way beyond that, looking at Taehyung who was laughing and fooling around with his best friend, family members. Now even with Hoseok, since they gotten along during these 3 year period. It's as if all four of them is like one big happy family. Taehyung and Hoseok being the 'husband' while the other two are their 'wives'

The four of them truly bonded. Helping each other out in their relationship problems, school, family. Tae and Hoseok has developed a brotherly bond, same applies to Jimin and Jungkook. Nothing could separate these four apart. They were unbreakable.

Despite all that, what if, just what if, one of them is hiding a secret? A secret concerning life and death?
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry if I'm making it sound like a mystery story but yup this is part two! Can't be filled with all rainbows and sunshine so I hope you are all ready to see the different side of the story (:


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