Convo Three

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Finally I figure out Kookie's gender and I was right, it's a her! I got excited at the thought of that as I make my way to school. It's 7am in the morning, the train was jam packed as always. People squished against each other like can sardine.

Even at this early timing, I'm thinking about her. I wonder if she's awake?

Time stamp: 7:05

Kookie: Morning morning~

Taehyung: On the way to school?

Kookie: Yup. I've to learn contemporary dance today, nuuuuu.

Taehyung: Ah you're in dance. Goodluck! I'm sure you can do it. Fighting!

Kookie: Ahh thanks! Ttyl!

Hours flew by and it was now lunch time. I decided to tell Jimin, my annoying bestie about Kookie.

"Hey Jiminie. I think I might have fallen for someone. Not yet but close"

"Ayeee is she pretty?" Jimin smirk and nudged me.

"I don't know.. I haven't seen her picture yet" I looked down, shrugging my shoulders

"You haven't.. WHA-" I covered Jimin's mouth to prevent him from shouting.

"You pabo" he slapped my head and continued "You need to see her picture, who knows she's a fake? Or worse, a guy?"

I scratched the back of my head, "Aish Jiminie. Alright fine I'll ask for it tonight but I'm positive it's a she"

Jimin raised a brow at me, "Oh yeah? What if you're wrong?"

"Then you get to boss me around for a week"

Jimin's expression brightens up, "For real? Yah awesome! By the way, you know I love dance right?"

I nodded, "Wae?"

"There's this awesome dancer by the name of Jeon Jungkook, he's a 97 liner. I saw him dance while I was auditioning the other day. Let me tell you.. His dance moves are to die for! And he's so kawaii!" Jimin squealed.

My thoughts start to drift off as Jimin continued his fanboying. His voice getting blurry by the moment.

Jungkook? Kookie? Dance? 97 liner? Sound alike... It all blends. The she is a he? No it can't be..

I shook my head and gestured Jimin to head back to class. Jimin's fanboying continued as we walked back while I took my phone out and message Kookie. I don't believe it's true.

Time stamp: 14:00
Taehyung: Tell me the truth.. Are you a guy?

I locked my phone and decided not to look at it until school ends. Please prove me wrong, Kookie. Tell me you're not a guy. I thought to myself before trying hard to concentrate in class.

Jungkook's POV

Lunch time! I rushed to the cafeteria as always before the long queue starts. Learning contemporary dance was more fun than expected. The way you have to dance smoothly, expressing emotions through the movements of your body, telling a story to the audience spectating your dance.

I did pretty good and even gotten praises from my dance instructors. Today felt great so after I was done eating, I decided to send Taehyung a text telling him on how well I did during class today.

It's half past two now. I pressed my lock button and there was a message from him half an hour ago. I smiled seeing his name but my eyes bulged right after I read what he said.

My senior, Jung Hoseok, who was sitting beside me placed his hand on my shoulders and ask, "Hey, you okay?"

I flashed him a weak smile and nodded before returning my attention to my phone again.

Time stamp: 14:00
Taehyung: Tell me the truth.. Are you a guy?

I gritted my teeth, biting my nails and continuously tapped my feet.

I thought to myself.. How did he figure out? What should I answer.. Aigoo. Heck it, JK. Just tell him the truth.

Time stamp: 14:30
Kookie: Yes.

Taehyung's POV

School was done and when I unlocked my phone all I saw was a simple reply of a "Yes" I look down in defeat. But I still don't believe it's a him so I asked again.

Time stamp: 19:00
Taehyung: You kidding me right?

Kookie: No. I'm not.

Taehyung: Liar.

Kookie: Whatever.

Gah, I still can't accept the fact so I browsed down my contact and stopped at Kookie. I muster up my courage and pressed called.


I stayed silent. Someone with a cool, raspy voice answered.


I hung up.

A/N: Hello beautiful people, so yes I just started this fanfic today and I've released 3 chapters so far cause I can pretty much relate to this story. It's 440am here and I can't sleep so yeah :/

Nevertheless, this book is about them exchanging texts and we'll see how they will progress from there (: but it's mostly their convos with each other. Please do vote or comment, comments mostly appreciated so I know how to improve myself and become a better writer^^


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