Truth or... Die

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You might be in the room you die in.
- S

The next morning when they decided to leave the room, it wouldn't budge.

"Guys, this door won't open. We are trapped!"

Being the joker of the group, they didn't believe what Taehyung said, "For real guys, it's locked from the outside!"

Jungkook approached the front door, "Relax babe, it's most probably just-" he twist the door knob over and over again, "Shit, he's right. It's locked from the outside!"

"Look around, guys. The room... It's different" Hoseok said and each of them was observing around the room and spotted yet another envelope on the study desk which means to say one thing, the stranger entered their room when there were soundly asleep.

Before leaving, he most probably remove the deadbolt of the door so it won't unlock from the inside no matter how much they twist, in fact, it'll only tighten it.

The room had a peculiar feeling. At the corner of the room, there were four bags of food and bottled water. Only four. Hoseok decided to open up the envelope to read aloud to the rest of them.

Hello dorks, I want to play a game. You now know what color represent yourself so take the coloured sticky note which I've already labelled and do what is written on it. Fail to do so and you'll never get to leave this room. Oh, don't even bother trying to escape from the window, it's permanently locked from the outside. Want to leave the room and not die of hunger? Then you better do what I say. Have fun!

As hesitant and scared they were, each of them took the color appointed to them. One by one, their expression slowly change after reading the note.

"So.. Who will go first?" Taehyung asked.

"Oldest to youngest?" Jimin suggested.

Hoseok quickly rejected that idea, "No! Youngest to oldest" he looked pretty agitated as if he's hiding his biggest secret.

Jungkook on the other hand was in complete silence. Taehyung noticed it, "Hey pumpkin, everything okay?"

"No. Go away"


"I said go away!"

Taehyung was a little pissed off so he snatched the sticky note away from Jungkook which stated...

Tell Taehyung that your time is limited.

"What the hell is this suppose to mean, babe?"

Jungkook who had his head down simply answered, "Nothing"

"Answer me, Jungkook"

"It's nothing, really"

"Goddammit. Answer me!" He raised his voice gaining the attention from the other couple who look troubled themselves.

Tears was already collecting in Jungkook's eyes. Taehyung was more than pissed off at this moment and confronted his lover one last time.

"Answer. Me. Now"

Jungkook stood up and shouted, tears rolling down his cheeks, "I have a deadly disease okay! If I don't go for surgery, I don't have much time left! Dammit, I'm dying okay!"

Taehyung was taken aback by Jungkook's words, "But why didn't-"

"Why didn't I tell you, Tae? Do you expect me to say to the love of my life 'Hey babe, I'm dying in a month's time' please man, use your brain for once"

"For once? Whatcha tryna say huh?"

"You've always been dumb anyway" Jungkook slipped that out, quickly covering his mouth after saying it.

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