Convo Seven

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Third person POV

Monday morning @ School

"Yo morning, Jimin" he was standing outside class, browsing his phone.

He looks up to return the greeting, "Oh hey morning, Sungoh. Where's Tae?"

Taehyung smacked the back of his neck, "It's me! You pabo"

He tried to suppress the giggling, but ended up bursting in laughter. "W-wha-what the hell happened to your hair! You look even more alien now" Jimin's laughter resumed looking at his best friend's white colored hair.

"I dyed it over the weekend so I'll look like my brother. I told Jungkook... I'm.. Sungoh"

"Wait. I thought you guys stop talking"

"Err sort of? I talked to him via online chat but I pretended to be someone else there"

"And you pick your twin brother out of so many people? Why not have the balls to just fess up already, pabo" he rolled his eyes and we entered the classroom since our lecturer finally arrived.

During lunchtime, Taehyung had this strong urge to hit Jungkook a text but being the egoistic dude he was, he shut that thought off. Jimin saw the bothersome look on his best friend's face and asked, "Thinking about Jungkook?"

Taehyung nodded and told Jimin on how he's stuck in a rut, telling Jungkook a lie after another, on how guilty he felt but still, doesn't have the guts to admit the truth because he is too afraid that Jungkook won't talk to him no more if he did confess.

When will this charade end?

One thing good about Jimin, well not only one but a couple, he is not only a good best friend to Taehyung but a great listener, protector, cute, funny, soft hearted. Most importantly, he could tolerate all of Taehyung's alien madness, it's so mad that his disease would spread to Jimin once in a while.

Taehyung couldn't be more than grateful to have a bestie like him besides the fact that he can be irritating at times. But oh well.

Jimin suddenly snatched away Taehyung's phone from his hand, pressed on whatsapp and typed something to Jungkook. He was super close on hitting 'Send' when Taehyung desperately pleaded, "Jimin. Please no. You can boss me to do anything you want but don't send the message"

"Okay fine. Since I can boss you for the entire week, I want you to go back home. And confess that you are Taehyung when you talk to him on the web chat later, arasseo?"

Taehyung nodded profusely.

Jimin then listed out a few more things on a piece of paper which he made sure Taehyung must complete by the end of the week.

1. Apologize to Jungkook
2. Admit the truth to Jungkook
3. Confess his feelings to Jungkook
4. Meet up with Jungkook
A) If JK agrees to meet up, go.
B) If he disagrees, give him time and space
5. If option A is chosen, Taehyung would ask Jungkook to be his. If option B is chosen, Taehyung won't give up and continues coaxing

After he was done writing, he looked back up at Tae. "So I believe you can finish all these by this week?"

"Yah I'll try. Hey thanks man"

Jimin pat his back, "No problem. Fighting!"

"Say Jimin, what was the message you typed earlier before deleting it off?"

He softly said it out which made Taehyung blush a little.

I miss you, Kookie. Was what he said.

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