Secret Note 4

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Jimin's POV

Everyone of us was dumbfounded, even so our boyfriends need to head to work while us 95 liners, will be heading to orientation. After exchanging hugs, we bid them goodbye reassuring them that everything will be fine with us and we'll give them a call if anything props up.

Both Tae and I headed to the school's auditorium where the orientation is held. We were allocated in a group where everyone is studying the same major. It was a big group, of course.

I saw someone familiar in the same cohort as us, he was slightly, just a pinch taller than me. His hair is bright auburn in color and his skin is every girl's dream. It's smooth and flawless.

I approached him and tapped on his shoulder. "You're Yoongi hyung right? Previously from Singapore poly?"

He stood there stunned for a moment before replying, "Oh hey Jimin!" he bro hug me.

We converse a little but as he was busy talking away, something else caught my attention. Two guys wearing a black hoodie similar to what I saw the previous night.

They were walking around the auditorium. Both were of almost equal height. My eyes followed them, everything Yoongi said to me was a blur by now.

"Hello, earth to Jimin" Yoongi waved his hands trying to snap me out of it, "Everything okay?"

"Oh sorry hyung, I thought I saw..."

"Saw what?"

"Nevermind. Anyway let's catch up with each other soon?"

"Sure! You're staying in room 15 right?"

I looked at him confused, "Huh? How did you know that?"

"Lucky guess" with that he excused himself and bid goodbye.

Can it be that he is... No way. Can't be.

Yoongi hyung is a nice guy, plus we were pretty close back in poly. I brush that thought away and looked around to find Taehyung. Aish, where did this kid go to?

I roamed around the auditorium, introducing myself as I go along till finally I manage to find Tae who has already warm up to some of the students here.

"Jiminie!" He shouted, "Let me introduce you to these awesome hyungs"

Awesome? Seriously Tae, you barely know them. How friendly and naive can this kid be.

I shook my head and introduced myself.

"Hey I'm Jimin" I extended my hand and they both did the same back introducing their names in the process.



So that's their names. I don't know but I've a bad feeling about the two of them. They look like the two hoodie guys I saw earlier but now they are simply in plain t-shirt. One white, the other black.

I then remembered something Taehyung said this morning "If a game is what the stranger wants, then let's play along and enjoy the roller coaster ride, shall we?"

Yes we shall, my dear bestfriend.

I decided to invite them to join us for lunch. They rejected my offer however, so I up my game.

"Hey why not the both of you come over to our dorms tonight? We can get to know each other more"

"Yeah hyungs, come over!" Taehyung added.

The taller one spoke, "Alright sure. Your room is only across mine"

"Huh? But how.." I decided not to stutter and spoke with confidence instead, "You mean you can see my room from yours?"

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